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Veronica has recently completed her surgical residency and is tired of paying rent. She needs a residence that is very low maintenance due to her grueling surgical schedule. Condos and Stock Cooperatives (co-ops) have both been high on her list. Help Veronica differentiate between these two residential options.

A condominium buyer receives a fee interest, or deed, to her unit. A stock cooperative is a corporation formed to own the land. Veronica would not receive a grant deed, but does share in the corporation and the right to occupy a specific unit.

Lot 19, Block 8, Western Acres Subdivision, City of Sacramento, County of Sacramento, State of California. Which method of legal description applies?

Lot and Block System

Roy Malone owns a large piece of land in the Sonoma Valley. He is planning to subdivide the land into five lots for the construction of luxury homes. If Roy carries through with this project, what are his roles and his next steps?

Roy is considered a Subdivider. His first step should be a development plan; however, this plan must include all state and local government regulations, the Subdivided Lands Law, the Subdivision Map Act, the California Environmental Quality Act, zoning, and local general and specific plans.

Alex, a Nevada developer, has a very large development of attached retirement villas. He is interested in advertising this development in California. Alex has previously advertised and sold condos in his Arizona development to citizens of California. What must Alex do to promote and sell his Nevada development in California?

According to the Interstate Sales Full-Disclosure Act, Alex must obtain a public report from HUD and deliver a copy of this report to each prospective buyer.

Which of the following statements concerning California's three sets of base lines and meridians is true?

The Humboldt Base Line and Meridian in the northwestern part of the State; The Mt. Diablo Base Line and Meridian in the central part of the State; and The San Bernardino Base Line and Meridian in the southern part of the State.

The Subdivision Map Act, the Subdivided Lands Law, and Land Projects all have a minimum number of lots required to meet requirements. Which of the following is correct?

The Subdivision Map Act regulates the division of two or more lots; The Subdivided Lands Law defines a subdivision as a division of land into five or more lots; and a Land Project must have fifty or more vacant lots.

Serena is studying for her California real estate license. She is very confused about base lines, meridians, townships, and ranges. Keeping these sets of intersecting lines straight has Serena stumped. Can you help?

Base lines are horizontal and run east/ west; meridians are vertical and run north/south; township lines are horizontal running east/west from a principal base line; and ranges are vertical running north/south on either side of a principal meridian.

Which of the following is not considered a type of common interest ownership?

None of the Above

Jerry is interested in purchasing a lot for new construction in a new subdivision. The Commissioner has issued a preliminary public report in this case, allowing the subdivider to take reservations for lot purchases. Does Jerry have any recourse to change his mind?

Jerry may change his mind on the lot he has reserved. He is not committed simply because of the reservation. He may legally back out and receive a full refund, up until the time the final report is issued.

Merle has a rural piece of land in the northern part of the state. He is in the process of selling it to a developer. The property has a pair of one-hundred-year-old trees that mark the entrance to the property. A stream and a bluff mark the end of Merle's property. What method of real estate description would best suit Merle's land?

Metes and Bounds System