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Problems that aroused from reform
McClure's Magazine
national magazine that talked about reform
investigative journalists
Lincoln Steffens
wrote Tweed Days in St. Louis
Ida Tarbell
Daughter of an independent oil producer that was the only female student in a class of 40 males that graduated.
Ray Stannard Baker
toured the nation examining the plight of African Americans
Theodore Dreiser
depicted workers brutalized by greedy business owners.
Edith Wharton
wrote about how the closed-mindedness of elite society leads a good-hearted heroine to social isolation and despair
Herbert Croly
argued that the government should use its regulatory and taxation powers to promote the welfare of all its citizens.
Florence Kelley
worked tirelessly for the cause of labor laws
Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
A fire started in a factory and more by the time the firefighters arrived more than 140 workers perished in this fire.
Rose Schneiderman
A Women's Trade Union League organizer argued that only a strong working-class movement could bring real change to the workplace.
freedom of contract
freedom to negotiate the terms of their employment
Muller v. Oregon
an employer challanged the 10-hour-workday law that Florence Kelley had helped push through the Oregon legislature.
Louis D. Brandeis
Kelley asked the brother of Goldmark to argue the case.
closed shop
a workplace where all the employees must belong to a union.
the system under which the government or worker cooperatives own more factories, utilities and transportation and communications systems.
Samuel Gompers
led the AFL (american federation of labor)
International Ladies' Garment Workers Union
union that tried to organize unskilled workers
open shop
nonunion workplace
Industrial Workers of the World
opposed capitalism
William "Big Bill" Haywood
made claims for the working class
Lawrence Veiller
a settlement house worker that attacked irresponsible tenement owners
Daniel Burnham
a leading architect and city planner that produced a magnificent plan for redesigning Chicago.
a ban on the manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcoholic beverages
Woman's Christian Temperance Union
led the crusade against alcohol
Billy Sunday
a former ballplayer turned Presbyterian evangelist
18th Amendment
which barred the manufacture, sale, and distribution of alcoholic beverages
W.E.B. Du Bois
One of the most influential African American leaders to emerge during this period
National Urban League
also fought to racial equality
Society of American Indians
most of them middle-class professionals
process of preparing foreign-born residents for full U.S. citizenship