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Hair Replacement Systems Have been worn for all of the following reason except __________
To keep the head warm.
In the eightennth century, the word __________ was used to describe the front section of hair known as the foretop
In the current terminology, a hair replacement system is the term for ___________
Artificial hair covering the head.
Hair replacement options include all of the following except ____________
A hair replacement system.
________ hair is preferred over synthetic hair for a hair replacement system.
Hackling is the process of
Used to comb through the hair strands to separate them.
__________ hair tends to tangle more easily
Mixed hair products, such as human hair synthetic or animal hair, are often used in the manufacture of ________ wigs
Theatrical or fashion.

Knotting refers to __________
The way the hair is attached to the base of the hair system.

Root turning refers to _________.
Sorting the hair strands so that the cuticle points towards the hair end.

A new name for stock system is __________

The supplies for hair solutions services includes ___________
Blow dryer, razor, and spirit gum.
Before the preliminary haircut ____________
The client's hair should be allowed to grow fairly long.

Measure from the client's nose to where the hair solution should begin using

Four fingers.

___________ using plastic wrap.
Create a template for a custom hair solution.

Allow ________ to dry for 24 hours before sending to the manufacturer
A plaster mold of the clients head.
To customize a stock hair replacement system, first _____________
Shampoo and rinse the thoroughly.
Apply two-sided tape in a v shape on the front reinforced area of the foundation before applying a __________ system
Non-lace front
Attaching a hair replacement system to the head with __________ is called full head bonding.
An adhesive bonding agent.

A partial-lace fill in can be used for __________
A small degree of hair loss

After the first week, hair replacement system should be cleaned ___________
Every 3 to 4 weeks.
When permanent waving a hair replacement system, the system should be rinsed for _______
10-15 minutes.
Do not recommend dark, opaque colors for _______
Any age group.

A ________ percent solution of Minoxidil applied twice daily has been shown to be moderately effective for about 50 percent of men using it.

Removing hair from the _______ and transplanting it into the bald areas under a local anesthetic and is called hair transplantation
Normal areas of the scalp.