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what is descriptive epidemiology

involves detailed description of the who, when, where, how and why of a disease. The most important part of this field is locating the "index case"

what is analytical epidemiology

investigation of a disease in detail using the data from the descriptive field. Determines probable cause, mode of transmission, and possible means of prevention.

what is experimental epidemiology

field that is mainly conducted in a lab setting where experiments are conducted to find a cure and ways to prevent a disease from occurring.

what are nosocomial infections?

infections acquired by patients or healthcare workers while in a healthcare setting

what are exogenous nosocomial infections?

cause by pathogens acquired from the healthcare environment

what are endogenous nosocomial infections?

arise from normal microbes within the patient becoming pathogenic because of factors within the healthcare setting

what are iatrogenic nosocomial infections?

doctor induced. infection that is a direct result of modern medical procedures like catheters, invasive diagnostic procedures and surgery.

the study of disease is?


the study of where and when disease occur and how they are transmitted within populations is


diseases that are naturally spread from their usual animal hosts to humans are called?


Nonliving reservoirs of disease, such as a toothbrush, drinking glass, and needle are called?


The total number of cases of a disease in a given area is its


an animal that carries a pathogen and also serves as host for the pathogen is a_________________ vector.