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Which of the following is NOT one of the criteria used by psychologist to determine wether a behavior is abnormal?


Fear of heights is to ___ as fear of enclosed spaces is to ___

acrophobia, claustrophobia

The diathesis-stress model is an example of which model of abnormal behavior


The disorder that most resembles common notions of insanity, madness, or lunacy is


Dissociative amnesia is

loss of memory with no identifiable physical cause

According to Freud, abnormal behavior results from.

unresolved unconscious conflicts from childhood.

Behavioral models of abnormality assume that abnormal behavior

is learned in much the same way that normal behavior is leaned.

All but which of the following people have a specific phobia.

Nicole, who is afraid of venturing out into open places.

Bipolar disorder was formerly called


Edwina is constantly worried. She cannot really identify why she feels this way. She can never relax. Edwina's therapist believes she has

Generalized anxiety disorder.

The most common form of hallucinations in schizophrenia is


Delusions of _____ are the most common theme among schizophrenics


Angelique has not left her house for two years. She is completely terrified of going out. She is probably suffering from.


Raoul demonstrates confused behavior. He frequently speaks incoherently and reports vivid hallucinations. His emotions are often inappropriate and he neglects personal hygiene. Raoul is probably suffering from which type of schizophrenia?


A loss of physical function that has no organic cause is the primary symptom of

conversion disorder

Bonnie has been feeling extremely sad for the last two months. She has difficulty getting out of bed to face the day and has lost interest in formerly pleasurable activities. Occasionally, she thinks about committing suicide. She sounds like she may be suffering from
major depressive disorder.
Whenever Fritz leaves his house, he has a nagging thought that he is forgetting something. He goes back to check that he has turned off the water and stove and locked the door. Some days, it takes Fritz over an hour to actually leave the house. This sounds like a case of
obsessive-compulsive disorder.
A breakdown in the logical structure of thinking and speech, revealed in the form of a loosening of associations, is characteristic of which psychological disorder?
Depression has been linked to imbalances in which neurotransmitters?
Norepinephrine and serotonin
Gina believes that she is the secret love child of Princess Diana and Elton John. Since she really is not their child, Gina's belief is considered a(n)