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Which knowledge area was first introduced in the PMBOK® Guide in 2012?
a. project engagement management
b. project consulting management
c. project stakeholder engagement
d. project stakeholder management
d: project stakeholder management
Suppliers and concerned citizens are examples of which type of stakeholders?
a. internal
b. external
c. supportive
d. unsupportive
b: external
What type of information about stakeholders is not included in a stakeholder register?
a. identification
b. classification
c. assessment
d. engagement level
d: engagement level
What type of grid can categorize stakeholders based on their level of authority and concern?
a. a power/interest grid
b. an authority/concern grid
c. an authority/interest grid
d. a resistance/support grid
a: power/interest grid
One of your project stakeholders has a high amount of authority and a high amount of interest. How should you manage that relationship?
a. keep informed
b. keep satisfied
c. manage closely
d. monitor
c: manage closely
Which type of matrix can help clarify which knowledge areas are most important to stake- holders on a project?
a. a knowledge area matrix
b. a prioritization matrix
c. an expectations management matrix
d. a stakeholder management matrix
c: expectations management matrix
What tool can you use to document, monitor, and track items that need resolution on a project?
a. an issue log
b. a risk register
c. an issue register
d. a resolution log
a: an issue log
When should you start controlling stakeholder engagement on a project?
a. in the early phases
b. in the middle phases
c. in the latter phases
d. none of the above; you cannot control stakeholder engagement
a: in the early phases
Which of the following statements is false about software that can assist in project stake- holder management?
a. Social media tools can assist in stakeholder management.
b. Some project management software includes features like giving high fives.
c. Texting is an example of a microblog that can keep stakeholders informed about project work.
d. A vodcast is a video podcast that can inform and engage stakeholders.
c: Texting is an example of microblogging that can keep stakeholders informed about project work
After a series of large project disasters, what country is requiring people to complete a new academic program in project management before leading a large government project?
a. Australia
b. U.K.
c. India
d. Japan
b: U.K.