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approximately what percentage of the world's freshwater is frozen?

77 %

the bulk of ice on earth is sitting in

greenland and antartica

a general term for a mass of perennial ice, resting on land or floating shelf-like in the sea adjacent to land is

a glacier

truth about the snowline

it decreases in elevation with increasing latitude

a glacier that is confined in a bowl-shaped recess is called a

cirque glacier

a continuous mass of ice covering a large landmass is known as a

continental glacier

the process of calving produces


melting and refreezing of snow acts to _____ ice density and _____ the sphericity (roundness) of the original snowflakes

increase; increase

why, specifically, is glacial ice analogous to a metamorphic rock

it forms as a result of recrystalization caused by pressure

the transformation of snow into glacial ice in Antarctica takes _______ than in midlatitude alpine glaciers because______.

1. longer; less snow falls per year in polar regions

2. longer; less melting and refreezing in antartica

the opposite of the accumulation zone in a glacial mass balance is called

ablation zone

the zone where positive gains end losses begin in the glacial mass balance is called

an equilibrium line

which of the following are erosional landforms created by alpine glaciation

cols and horns

which of the following is a continental depositional feature?


unlike a stream-cut valley that assumes a characteristic _______-shape, a glacially-carved valley evidences a characteric ______-shape


a specific landform produced by the deposition of glacial till is known as

a moraine

a pyramidal peak formed in glaciated mountains is

a horn

drowned glacial valleys are known as


a winding hill of sorted sand and gravel deposits is known as a/an _______ and is deposited by a/an ________ glacier

esker; continental

Louis Agassiz called glacially deposited boulders that differ in composition and origin from the ground on which they rest


thoreau walden pond is an example of


flowing soil in an area of frozen ground is known as

gelifluction, in general solifluction


it develops where soil or rock temperatures are below freezing for at least two years

glaciation takes about _______ years to develop, where as an deglaciation requires about _______ years.


viking colonies in Iceland apparently were deserted because of a

drop in temp that occurred during the "Little ice age" and the decline in food production

it is now virtually certain that the dominant cause of recent ice ages is

variations in Earth-sun orbital relationships