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____ ______ is the managerial activity that involves establishing and maintaining the positive employee-employer relationships that contribute to satisfactory productivity, motivation, morale, and discipline, and to maintaining a positive, productive, and cohesive work environment.

employee relations

Unfair treatment reduces ____, poisons ____, increases _____, and negatively impacts employee relations and performance.




When someone witnesses abusive supervision vicariously, it...

adverse reactions including further unethical behavior

___ ______ reflects concrete actions such as " employees are treated with respect" and "employees are treated fairly"

fair treatment

_____ _____ refers to justice in the allocation of rewards or discipline, in terms of the procedures being even handed and fair.

procedural justice

What is distributive justice?

A system distributing rewards and discipline in which the actual results or outcomes are evenhanded and fair.

The US government says most would agree that bullying involves three things. What are they ?

Imbalance of power

Intent to cause harm


What are the four different kinds of bullying?





Maintaining positive employee relations requires having special _____ programs in place that let employees express their opinions, and let management know if there is a problem


Why do employer use communication programs?

employees feel better about their employers when they're kept in the loop about what is happening

___ ___ is the perceptions a company's employees share about the firm's psychological environment

organizational climate

____ _____ ____ requires reviewing the tenure of existing employees and establishing meaningful award periods. It also requires establishing a budget, selecting awards, having a procedure for monitoring what awards to actually award, having a process for giving awards, and assessing program success.

service award program

Employee relations tend to improve when employees get ____ with the company


What benefits are there to getting employees involved?

Employees often know more about how to improve their work processes than anyone; therefore asking them is often the simplest way to boost performance

It will boost their sense of ownership

It will signal that their opinions are valued

A ___ ___ is comprised of a small sample of employees who are presented with a specific question or issue and who interactively express their opinions and attitudes on that issue with the focus groups assigned facilitator.

focus group

_____ _______ are temporary teams whose members work on specific analytical suggestions.

suggestion teams.

What is the purpose of problem solving teams?

to identify and research work processes and develop solutions to work-related problems.

_____ ______ is a special type of formal problem solving team, usually composed of 6 to 12 specially trained employees who meet weekly to solve problems affecting their work area.

quality circle.

A ________-_____/_______-__________ ________ ____ is a small group of carefully selected, trained, and empowered employees who basically run themselves with little or no outside supervision, usually for the purpose of accomplishing a specific task or mission.

self managing/ self directed

_____ are the principles of conduct governing an individual or a group


Ethical decisions are rooted in ______


___ refers to society's accepted standards of behavior


What are the three factors that combine to determine the ethical choices we make?

The person


Outside factors

How do people make situations unethical?

because people bring to their jobs their own ideas of what is morally wrong, each person must shoulder much of the credit for his or her choices.

___ ethical dilemmas prompt more bad choices.


People seemed more likely to do the wrong thing in...

less serious situations

What is the main reason that someone makes an unethical decision?

not personal interests, but the pressures of the job

Decreasing _______ __ helps head off ethical lapses.

outside pressures

The level of misconduct at work dropped dramatically when employees said their supervisors...

exhibited ethical behavior.

______ ______ is the characteristic values, traditions, and behaviors a company's employees share.

organizational culture.

A ________ is a belief about what is right or wrong or about what you should or shouldn't do.


How can managers send the right signals to their employees about ethical behavior?

Clarifying expectations

using signs and symbols

providing physical support

what are the four different types of employee privacy violations?





What are the two main restrictions on workplace monitoring?

Electronic communications privacy act

common law protections against invsion of pricacy

The ________ _______ _________ ____ is a federal law intended to help restrict interception and monitoring of oral and wire communications

Electronic communications privacy act

What are the two exceptions of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act?

Business purpose exception- permits employers to monitor communications if they can shoe legitimate business reason for doing so.

Consent exception- lets employers monitor communications if they have their employees consent to do so

What is the purpose of discipline?

to encourge employees to adhere to rules and regulations

The manager builds a fair discipline process on what three pillars?

Rules and regulations

system of progressive penalties

appeals process

What is the purpose of rules?

to inform employees ahead of time what is and is not acceptable behavior

The severity of the penalty usually depends on...

the offense

the number of times it has occured

what is the aim of the appeals process?

to ensure that supervisors mete out discipline fairly