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Audio editing workstation
High quality, fast PC with input devices for mixing audio.

Audio interface
High end external sound device used by audio engineers and recording artists.

Boot method
Media a PC uses to initiate the booting process. Including optical media, removable drives or networked location.

Clean installation
Installing an OS on a fresh drive after formatting to correct errors.

EULA (end user license agreement)
Accompanies a piece of software and outlines terms of use and what actions are a violation.

Gaming PC
High performance PC designed to play the latest resource demanding games.

Graphics workstation
High quality PC designed to handle massive graphic files.

HAL (hardware abstraction layer)
Part of the windows OS the separates system-specific drivers from the rest of the OS.

Home server PC
SOHO network. PC built to store files on a small office/home office network.

Home theater PC designed to attach a TV or projector for movie and TV viewing.

Image deployment
OS installation that uses a complete image of a HDD as an installation media. Useful when installing an OS on a large number of identical PCs.

Log files
Files created in windows to track the progress of certain processes.

Moving users from one OS or HDD to another.

Multiboot installation
Multiple OS’s are installed on a single PC.

Tool that makes installing, upgrading and managing OS X on many remote systems on a network easier.

Software released to correct a flaw or issue.

PXE (preboot execution environment)
Technology that enables a PC to boot by retrieving an OS from a server over a network.

Recovery partition
Hidden partition on a HDD that contains an OS to reinstall and recover from.

Remote network installation
OS installation where source files are placed in a shared directory on a network server.

Service pack
Collection of software patches released at one time by a software manufacturer.

Thick client
Standard desktop PC that meet recommended requirements for selected OS.

Thin client
System designed to handle basic application with minimal hardware. Meets minimum OS requirements.

Unattended installation
OS installation that uses scripts to automate OS setup duties.

Upgrade Assistant(Win 8/8.1) or (Windows) Upgrade Advisor(Vista, Win7)
Examines hardware the provides a list of potential issues with devices and software.

Upgrade installation
Installation of windows on top of a previous version which inherits all previous software and hardware settings.

USMT (user state migration tool)
Advanced application for file settings transfer of multiple users.

Video editing workstation
Combines high end graphic and sound editing usually feature high-speed, high-capacity and RAID.

Virtualization workstation
Powerful multi core CPUs combined with maximum RAM for work with multiple virtual machines.

Windows easy transfer
Method of transferring files and settings to a new PC.