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In thermohaline circulation of global current systems, surface water is ________.

less salty, less dense, and warmer

Which of the following is one of the major pollutants of groundwater?

Fertilizers from agricultural fields.

Recent research that analyzed the content of commercial bottled water indicates that ________.

bottled water is no safer or purer than most samples of tap water

Only about 2.5% of all the water on our planet is freshwater. However, ________.

most of this is far from where humans live

Most marine protected areas ________.

are along the coastlines of developed nations

Zooxanthellae are ________.

Symbiotic algae that provide energy to many species of marine corals

Most present-day fisheries managers ________.

wish to set aside areas of ocean where systems can function without human interference.

Precipitation that falls on Earth's surface ________.

may take a variety of pathways through surface water or groundwater flow

Which of the following will contribute to water conservation?

Watering lawns at night, using low-flow faucets, landscaping with native plants.

Dam removal in this country ________.

will probably continue because the environmental impacts of dams are reviewed periodically

Humans use freshwater primarily for ________.
agricultural irrigation
Only about 2.5% of all the water on our planet is freshwater. However, ________.
most of this is far from where humans live
Which of the following are ponds covered with aquatic vegetation: a stage in succession of aquatic ecosystems?
The area that underlies the shallow water bordering continents is called the ________.
continental shelf
Upwelling ________.
brings benthic nutrients to the ocean surface promoting high primary productivity
Artificial wetlands ________.
can help purify water and also provide recreational opportunities
The exceptionally strong warming of the eastern Pacific is referred to as ________.
El Niño
Pathogens and waterborne diseases enter drinking water supplies from ________.
poorly treated wastewater or from feed lots
The rapid melting of Greenland's ice cap could disrupt the NADW formation by ________.
adding huge amounts of less dense fresh water to the surface of the system
The primary effect of thermal pollution on aquatic ecosystems is ________.
depleting dissolved oxygen