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Which territories have nonvoting delegates to the u.s. house of representatives?
DC, Guam, U.s. virgin islands, puerto rico
congressional district
a particular area that votes for a representative to represent a certain area in congress.
instructed delegate
mirrors the view of his/her constituents, regardless of the delegate's view.
conference comittee
a temporary comittee that is formed when the two chambers pass seperate versions of the same bill. the conference comittee consists of members from both houses and senate which work towards comprimising the form of the bill
advice and consent
permission inquired by the president to appoint officials as well as do treaties with other governments
markup sessions
process in which changes are made to the bill
entitlement program
a government program such as social security that allows or entitles a certain class of people such as the elderly, to recieve special benifits in which they are function throuh open ended budget
continuing resolutions
temproary resolution passed by congress when an approportion bill has not been passed by the beginning of the fiscal year.
inherent powers
powers handed down to and placed explicitly in the constitution
a formal agreement between government officials of two different countries
the cabinet
an advisory group selected by the president to assist in decision making
federal statutes
law enacted by congress and which is implied to all levels of government
the court of international trade
a court which is specifically only rules over special issues such as international trade
the u.s. court of appeals
middle tier of the court system. judges review a transcript rather than listen to a testimony or evidence, if the appelate court's decision is not appealed by the supreme court, the rulling stands
writ of certiorari
and order from a higher court to hand over previous records from case that is being disputed at the time
the rule of 4
practice that permits four of the 9 justices to grant writ of certari
oral arguements
a spoken arguement presented to a judge in person by an attorney from behalf of his or her client
cocurring opinion
a statement written by a judge or justice who agrees with the courts decisions but for reasons different from the majority opinion of other judges
how ofen are house representatives elected?
2 years
when does a new congress convene
january of every odd numbered year
who presides over the house of representatives
the speaker of the house
if there is a tie on a bill what happens?
the speaker of the house is the tie breaker
what is the primary duty of the house minority leader?
to maintain solidarity within the party, persuading influential members of the party.
who is the president of the senate?
the vice president
which comittee proposes time limits on debates?
rules comittees
where is a bill sent when it is introduced?
either the senate or house of representatives
who are the members that form the conference comittee made up of ?
both standing comittes of the chambers
how long does the president have to sign a bill?
10 days
which house confirms presidential nominees?
the senate
to whom do executive agencies submit their budget request?
who is the youngest president ELECTED?
the role of the president?
chief executive, chief diplomat, party leader.
head of executive branch duties?
enforces rules and federal court decisions, appoints officers of the executive branch, faithfully executes laws
chief diplomat duties?
directs u.s. foreign policy and is the nations most important rep in dealing with foreign countries.
political party leader duties?
the "de facto" aka party leader, attends party's fundraisers, appoints party members to his/her office, helps party members get re-elected
which model did the framers of constitution want to avoid for the president ?
they didnt want a king, but also believed in having a strong leader to have a strong republic.
what does congress expect from the president?
serve as commander in chief, appoint head to executive departments, grant pardons when needed, make treaties,, DELEVIER state of the union addresses, call either house for special sessions, ensure laws are passed faithfully.
how much to does the president have to inform congress of an executive agreement?
60 days
how many times has congress declared war?
5 times
what led to the passage of the war powers resolution? what are the requirements to declare war?
the sudden vietnam caused the resolution to be brought up due to many troops sent overseas with congressional approval. president must notify congress 48 hours prior to deployment and must receive approval to have troop abroad more than 60 days.
which amendment makes provisions should the president become incapable of performing duties?
the 25th amendment, sates that where the president believes that is incapable of performing duties of the office, he or she must inform congress.
what happens if a vacancy occurs in the vice presidency?
current president is appointed VP
who acts as president if the president and the VP die?
the speaker of the house
what is the basis of all law in the USA?
constitutional law, statutory law, admin law, case law
a destinguishing character of common law?
created decision rules to judges to make decisions in actual cases. each intrepertation served as legal precedent. new cases were decided through stare decisis, which references previous cases.
what happens after the supreme court reaches a decision?
establishes national policy
the tenure of for federal judges?
til impeachment, resignation or death
how is the supreme court nominee confirmed
judges are appointed by the president but are confirmed by the senate.