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What can Congress do under the expressed powers granted to it by the Constitution?
regulate trade among states
What can Congress do through its commerce power?
control foreign trade
Why did the Framers give Congress the power to issue currency?
so there would be a single, stable, national system of hard money
The federal government often spends more money than it takes ini each year. It then borrows money to make up the difference. what is this called?
Which is an example of a direct tax?
a. sales tax
b. gas tax
c. property tax
d. income tax
income tax
According to the Constitution, how can the U.S. declare war?
only by an act of Congress
What can Congress do using its judicial powers?
set federal crimes and punishments
What does the Necessary and Proper Clause give to Congress?
a basis for implied powers
Liberal construction has led to which of the following in the U.S.
a. fewer gov. services
b. less state cooperation
c. less power for Congress
d. a large national gov.
a large national gov.
Which is an example of an indirect tax?
a. Social Security tax
b. Income tax
c. gas tax
d. property tax
gas tax
Which is a result of Congress's broad definition of "commerce"?
a. Congress now taxes imports
b. Federal power has increased
c. Congress now taxes exports
d. Federal power has decreased
Federal power has increased
Constitutional amendments can be proposed by a two-thirds vote of what?
both houses of Congress
What is an executive power of the Senate?
to confirm, or approve the President's major appointments
Congress has the power to borrow money to pay its debt. What kind of power is this?
expressed power
What is another name for money that a creditor must by law accept in payment for debts?
legal tender
What explains why Congress has powers in the area of foreign affairs?
the Constitution grants its expressed powers relating to foreign policy
How is the term "commerce" now defined by Congress?
it refers to just imports and exports
How may Congress propose a constitutional amendment?
with a two-thirds vote of each house
Which of the following is a limit the Constitution places on the commerce power?
a. Congress cannot tax exports
b. Congress cannot regulate interstate commerce
c. Congress cannot prohibit discrimination
d. Congress cannot regulate foreign trade
Congress cannot prohibit discrimination
What describes an indirect tax?
it is collected in the price of products like gasoline or tobacco
Why are the individual states denied the currency power?
because the different kinds of currency would cause confusion
How could Congress reduce deficit financing of the federal gov.?
by cutting spending
Where are most bankruptcy cases heard?
in federal district courts
Why did Congress pass the War Powers Resolution after the Vietnam War?
to limit the President's war-making powers
How can an inventor protect the right to manufacture and sell an invention he or she has made?
by applying for a patent