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Blowflies, also known as carrion flies or bottle flies, include:
green bottles, blue bottles, and bronze bottles
True or False? Insects that suck up liquids may get nourishment from a dry, decaying body in a later stage of decomposition.
In 1855, an entomologist used the concept of insect succession to determine which of four different tenants had murdered an infant that was found within the walls of a house. What was the name of this entomologist?
Bergeret d'Arbois
Within minutes of death, odor emitted from a dead body can be detected by blow flies from
a mile away

The blowfly lifecycle has six stages. How many larvae stages are included in these six stages?
True or False? The thick skin of the third instar is shed as the maggot prepares to become an adult fly.
In order to provide the most accurate estimate of postmortem intervals at a crime scene, which type of larvae should be collected?

the oldest larvae
True or False? One of the earliest cases to use insect evidence to solve a crime was described in the 1412 Chinese work by SUng Tz'u called "The Washing Away of Wrongs"

While processing a crime scene for insect evidence, what is the recommended number of maggots per mass to collect?


The number of hours at an adjusted average temperature, using Celsius degrees, that it takes an insect species to reach a particular stage of development is expressed in

accumulated degree hours

Name the two types of beetles that are likely to arrive early on a corpse.
clown beetle and curinam carrion beetle

Name the three body segments of an insect

head, thorax, abdomen
The arrival of which type of beetle is associated with the advanced stage of a dead body?

hide beetle
One type of insect typically arrives within minutes after death. Therefore this type of insect is considered to be timekeepers for postmortem intervals. Which type of insect is this?


True or False? Blowflies do not lay eggs at night.


Flesh flies:

arrive within minutes of death and deposit living larvae onto the flesh

The lower limit threshold in the temperature below which growth and development cease for an insect.

10 degree Celsius

Blowfly eggs usually hatch in less than

24 hours

How do the temperature of feeding maggot masses compare to ambient temperatures?

They have temperatures of 5 degrees F to 20 degrees F higher than ambient temperatures

True or False? The decomposition stages of the body are fresh, bloated, decay, active decay, and dry decay.


Environmental conditions affect the growth of larvae. Consequently, in the collection of meteorological data, it is suggested that rainfall amounts be recorded for a period of:

1-2 weeks before the victim's disappearance and 3 to 5 days after the body was discovered

As a dead body decomposes, two gases putrescence and _____________________ are released that alert blowflies to a possible location to lay their eggs.