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What is a database system that translates a computer's fully qualified domain name into an IP address?
Domain Name System (DNS)
What type of file preceded DNS when the internet was very young, that functioned similar to DNS. The file contained a list of IP addresses for every computer on the Internet?
HOSTS file
In a HOSTS file, what symbol indicates a line is a comment?
When do HOSTS files update on every system?
2AM every morning
Where is the first place the OS looks to resolve a name?
HOSTS file
what is the maximum number of characters in a DNS name?
What is the term that describes the complete domain name for a specific computer or host on the internet?
Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)
What are the 2 parts that make up a FQDN?
-Top level domain
What would the host name be for
what would be the top level domain for
what would be the domain for
what are the 3 ways that a computer tries to resolve a name?
-HOSTS file
-Querying a DNS server
Using an internet domain name to find an IP address is known as what?
Forward lookup zone
what command can you run from a command prompt to resolve an internet domain name?
Explain how you would troubleshoot a possible dns problem?
-type ipconfig /flushdns
-ping a well-known website like
-if it times out ping a known ip address
-if you get a response then the dns server is down
What are secondary zones used for?
To take over in the event that the DNS server for the primary zone goes down
What naming resolution system was created by Microsoft that broadcast its name to a small network?
Microsoft runs NetBIOS over what?
NetBIOS over TCP/IP is known as what?
If a windows system needs to access a another computers folders or files what does it use?
If a windows system need to access the internet what does it use?
DNS server
What are the 3 groups that CIFS organizes windows computers into?
-windows domain
-active directory
How do you view NetBIOS cache?
nbtstat -n
What is an authentication protocol for TCP/IP that has no connection to PPP?
Kerberos uses what port?
TCP port 88
What are the 2 processes of the Key Distribution Center in Kerberos?
-Authentication Server (AS)
-Ticket-Granting Service
What machine is the Key Distribution Center installed on?
Domain Controller
Briefly explain the kerberos process.
-client sends request that includes hash to the authenticating server.
-Server replies with a ticket granting ticket and time stamp.
-client sends the ticket granting ticket to the ticket granting server
-ticket granting server sends a token to the client that allows access to resources
The token in kerberos is known as what?
SID (security identifier)
Any encryption that uses the same key for both encryption and decryption is called what?
symmetric-key algorithm
Someone that wants to decrypt a symmetric key algorithm must have what 2 things?
Most symmetric-key algorithms are what?
Block ciphers
What type of symmetric key algorithm uses a block cipher with a 64 bit block and a 56 bit key?
Data Encryption Standard (DES)
What type of symmetric key algorithm is used in a number of TCP/IP applications and uses a stream cipher?
Rivest Cipher 4 (RC4)
What type of symmetric key algorithm uses a 128 bit block cipher with a 128, 192, or 256 bit key?
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
What are some drawbacks to symmetric key encryption?
-Anyone with key can encrypt or decrypt
-Need to send the key to the other person
What type of encryption uses one key to encrypt and a different key to decrypt?
Asymmetric-Key Algorithm
Which key in asymmetric key cryptography is used to encrypt the data?
Public key
What term describes the guarantee that data is originally sent and came from a trusted source?
What are the 3 mechanisms that enable nonrepudiation?
-Digital signatures
What is a mathematical function that you run on a string of binary digits of any length that results in a value of some fixed length that is irreversible?
The result of a hash is known as what?
checksum or digest
what is an encrypted link between two computers?
What is a PPP wrapper that applications can use to accept one of many types of authentication that has significant use in wireless networks?
Extensible authentication protocol (EAP)
What form of authentication is used in wireless networks with a shared secret code that's stored on both the wirless access point and the wirless client and uses AES encryption?
EAP-PSK (personal shared key)
What is a standardized type of digital signature that includes the digital signature of a third party, a person or a company that guarantees that who is passing out this certificate truly is who they say they are?
Digital certificate
What is the name of the most popular certificate authority?
What secure TCP/IP application is used to query the state of network devices, such as CPU usage, network utilization, and uses agents to collect information from a MIB?
Simple network management protocol (SNMP)
What port numbers does SNMP use?
The philosophy of AAA means what?
What are 2 standards that implement AAA?
What encryption protocol works at the Network layer and operates in transport mode and tunnel mode?
In what mode does only the actual payload of the IP packet get encrypted?
Transport mode
In what mode is the entire IP packet encrypted into an IPsec endpoint and then encapsulated inside another IP packet?
Tunnel mode
What encryption was invented as a secure replacement for Telnet that uses RSA keys?
Why is SSH used?
For tunneling