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Health care facilities that are exempt from fraud investigators include

None, all facilities are subject to the law

If found guilty of fraud, an individual may be ordered to

1. Go to jail

2. Pay restitution

3. Pay fines and penalties

**All of the above**

Virtually every law includes the phrase

"Knowns or should know"

Compliance in a health care organization is the responsibilitynof

All employees, volunteers, and interns

A formal compliance program may

Leases fines and penalties

The Partnership Plan includes state auditors working with the


Office of the Inspector General

SMFCU are delegated to investigate providers of

Medicaid services

SMFCU: State Medicaid Fraud Control Units

The National Procurement Fraud Task Force Procrustes alleged violators of


Anyone falsifying health care information is subject to

1. Possible jail time

2. Possible monetary fines and penalties

3. Exclusion from program participation

**All of the above**

A law is a(n)

Act of obeying

Health Information professionals are responsible for

Following the law

Restitution is the order to

Pay back money received fraudulently

Physician's offices can be investigated by agents from

1. OIG

2. FBI

3. IRS

**All of the above**

A Qui Tam lawsuit is also known as the

Whistleblower stature