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Define govern
to make decisions as a government and put decisions into action
Define governance
The process of governing
Define government
the body with power to make decisions for a society
What is Canada's constitution
the law that describes governance in Canada. It sets out the role of the governor general, and the different role of the three branches of government.
What is the Executive branch's role
Proposes most laws, puts laws into action, runs the day-to-day business of government
What is the role of the legislative branch
Makes laws, represents the interests and rights of Canada's regions
What is the role of the judicial branch
applies and interprets laws
what branch includes the prime minister and the cabinet
the executive branch
How do you become prime minister
you must be elected as the leader of a political party, then you must be elected as a member of parliament, and the party you lead must win the most seats in the house of commons.
What is the cabinet
the cabinet includes the people with responsibility for different goverenment departments and agencies - or portfolios- such as health, finance, and environment
What branch includes the house of commons, the senate, and the governor general?
the legislative branch
What is the house of commons
the major law-making body in Canada's federal political system
Define constituent
someone who lives in a riding and is represented by an elected official from that riding
what are the two key responsibilities for a mp
to represent their constituents and to create legislation for the peace, order and good government of all canadians
define popular vote
the total votes cast in an election, as different from the total seats won in an election
define minorities
groups in society who do not form the majority of the population
What does the senate do
they can propose laws, but usually considers bills passed first by the house of commons. the senate has the power to reject bills, but usually dont
What is the federal accountability act?
in response to issues raised by the sponsorship scandal. These issues included responsible and accountable spending by government, protection for government employees who "blow the whistle" on wrongdoing within Canada's civil service, more information about the activities of lobbyists.
What is a lobbyist
people who are paid to represent the interests of particular groups in society
Steps of a bill
HOUSE OF COMMONS FIRST= first reading, second reading-study bill or reject bill-, committee stage - amend bill, accept bill or reject bill -, report stage - more amendments or not more amendments -, third reading - accept bill or reject bill -, PASSED TO SENATE, First reading, second reading - study bill or accept bill- Commitee stage - amend bill or accept bill- report stage, third reading, BACK TO HOUSE OF COMMONS, Debate and vote on senate amendments - Reject all, accept some, accept all - BACK TO SENATE, debate and vote on house decision - reject or accept -, royal assent
define assimilation
the process of becoming part of a different cultural group