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​“Stand if you had orange juice for breakfast and move to the door” is a
​transition statement.

​A deciding factor that settles whether all attending children have to be at circle time can be

​all the above

​A good technique at circle time is to first

b.​mention each child’s name.

​At circle times, all children are

Is Not The Answer: encouraged to participate.

At circle times, teacher will notice

c.​differences in children’s ability to focus and attend

​Blowing a soft bird whistle to gather children to circle

d.​all the above
​Chants contain
c.​rhythmic word patterns.
​Children sit in a circle at circle time.
​This is not necessarily so.
​If a group time is stretching too long, the teacher
Is not the answer: can tell the children to stand for a moment and move around in a vigorous way.
​If circle time goes badly, it may be because
the setting was responsible and the teacher failed to observe certain child behaviors.
​If conducting a group with 2 and 3 year olds their group participation may depend on
c.​their feelings of trust and security.
​Leaving one group activity and moving in an orderly fashion to the next is called
​Most kindergarten teachers desire entering children …….. ?
​to know how to use self control.
​The text recommends that before presenting a finger play to children, teachers should
a.​practice and memorize it.
When learning a finger play, children usually learn the ____ first.
a. ​actions or words