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What are the 3 presidential requirements?
1. native-born citizen
2. at least 35 years old
3. have been a resident of the US for at least 14 years
A pres. term is how many years?
How many terms can a president have?
Which amendment limited the President's office to 2 terms?
22nd amendment
Which amendment states that the VP can take over the office of Pres. when the original dies, etc and for that person to choose the new VP wit Congress's approval.
25th amendment
What is the job of the executive branch?
to carry out the laws
What jobs/positions does the President appoint?
1. Ambassadors
2. Cabinet members
3. Officials at US gov't agencies
4. judges
What are the duties of the President? 8
1. carry out laws
2. suggest laws to Congress
3. grant reprieves or pardons
4. be the boss of the military
5. lead a group party
6. be the spokesperson for the US
7. negotiates treaties with other countries
8. travels to be allies with other countries
Which dept. protects citizens from invadors/terrorists, and commands land forces, seagoing forces, and air defenses?
Dept of Defense
who is the head of the nation's armed forces?
Commander in Chief
Who approves the Presidential appointments?
the Senate
Which dept. manages the countries money?
Treasury Dept.
which dept enforces the law and defend the interests of the US according to the law and to ensure fair/impartial admin. of justice for all?
Justice Dept.
Which dept is responsible for foreign policy and the diplomatic service?
State Dept.
What is the official duty of the VP according to the Constitution?
To preside over the Senate
What do you call the system where the powers of the 4 branches of gov't are divided equally?
Checks & Balances
What do you call the law that is above everyone? AKA-Supremecy Law
rule of law
What do you call the power of the US Supreme Court to determine if a law passed by Congress or President action is Constitutional?
Judicial Review
What do you call the jobs of the 3 brances of gov't?
Seperation of powers
What do you call the people of a nation or region's consent or agree to have a particular gov't?
Consent of the Governed
A body of electors chosen to elect the President and the VP of the US is called?
The electoral college
Whose job is to regulate and supervise the safety of foods, tobacco products, etc. and enforce laws related to medicine?
The FDA (Food & Drug Administration)
The word that means lasting for 2 years?
What are the executive depts?
the 15 cabinets of the Federal Gov't
If no presidential candidate wins a majority of electoral votes, who decides?
The House of reps
If no VP candidate wins a majority of electoral votes, who decides?
The Senate
What do you call a written agreement between nations?
What do you call the order in which the office of President is to be filled if it bcomes vacant?
Presidential succession
What is the order of the Pres. succession?
1. President
2. VP
3. Speaker of the House
4. President Pro Tempore
5. Secretary of State
Who protects consumers against unfair businessess and monopolies?
the Federal Trade Commision
What are the 3 duties of the VP?
1. Preside over the Senate
2. be the "acting President" when the real President is unavailable
3. take the office of President if the original one dies, resigns, etc.
What does the Chief Diplomat/ Foreign Policy Leader?
Appoints officials and meets reps/ leaders world-wide
What does the Chief of the Economy?
Balance the countries's budget
What does the Chief executive do?
carry out the laws
What does the Chief Legislator do?
propose needed laws to Congress and make the state of the Union address
What does the Chief of Political Party do?
be the leader of political party that controls over the executive branch
What does the Chief of State do?
Attend ceremonies, graduations, etc.
What is the total amount of electoral votes?
What is the minimum amount of electoral votes needed for it to be the majority vote?
What are examples of executive checks?
1. President's Veto
2. President appointing judges
3. President calling Congress back to a special session
What do you call the many depts. and agencies at all levels of the gov't?
What do you call the highest ranking military officers of the army, navy, and air forces?
Joint Chiefs of Staff
What documeny would foreigners need to come to the US?
What do you call the formal documents that allow US citizens to travel abroad?
What do you call a country's plan for dealing with other countries in the world?
Foreign Policy
What do you call the independent agencies that bring violators to court?
regulatory commissions
How many justices are there in the Supreme Court?
What word means making a convicted person's sentence less severe?
How much does the President earn a year?
$400,000 + $50,000 non-taxable allowance
What do you call some who represents US commercial interests in foreign countries?
What do you call the Presidential action forgiving a person convicted of a crime?
What is the Congresional limitation on the president;s military powers>
War Powers act
What do you call the President's power to postpone the carrying out of a prison sentence?
The ____________ would deal with such problems as a toy that could caudr a child to choke.
Consumer Product Safety COmmission
The _________________ helps prevent unfair labor practices among bussinesses.
National Labor Relations Board