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What is not considered one of the four broad principles of memory improvement?

Integrate working and long-term memory

One truism of memory improvement is...

There is no magic bullet - memory improvement requires work

Subjective organization is an example of which broad principle of memory?

Process for meaning

The famous ROY G BIV stands for the colors of the spectrum ( red,orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo,violet) is an example of...


Acronyms and acrostics are helpful for remembering...

Arbitrary associations

Retrieval cues are helpful for memory improvement because...

We can structure our learning to provide with a variety of retrieval cues

Research on retrieval practice shows that...

Making yourself retrieve information is a superior method learning than simply re-reading that information

Self-Regulated learning is most associated with which broad principle of memory improvement?

Use Metamemory

Allocating study time to the most difficult items is a memory improvement tool associated with which broad principle?

Use Metamemory

When is massed practice beneficial?

Massed practice is beneficial when it immediately precedes the test

If you want to remember information long after the college exam is over, what is an adaptive learning strategy?

Use visual imagery to study items you have not mastered

Expanded Retrieval practice means..

Initially you space your study close together, but then you subsequent trials get further and further apart

Research shows that...

Gingko biloba does not boost memory

The Mnemonist Sherashevsky (also known as just S.) relied on what memory technique?

His natural ability for synesthesia

Research on the generation effects shows that...

Participants remember the generated associations better than the read associations

Cecile wants to maximally use her time to study for her MCAT's, as she wants to go to medical school. What technique would you NOT advise her to do?

Study only just before the test

Experiments have shown that...

Retrieval practice works even when the person generates the wrong answer (and feedback is provided)

Nate studies very hard for an exam before going on a vacation. Despite studying hard, he is later surprised that he did not do as well on the exam as he would have liked. It may be that...

Nate underestimated the likelihood that forgetting would occur during his vacation, thus demonstrating stability bias