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required that men between the ages 21 and 30 register with local draft boards. Later, when the U.S. entered World War II, all men aged 18 to 45 were made liable for military service, and all men aged 18 to 65 were required to register.
selective service act
name the four freedoms
Freedom of speech and expression
Freedom of every person to worship in his own way
Freedom from hunger
Freedom from fear
government issue
Federal agency headed by Former Supreme Court Justice James F. Byrnes that coordinated all government agencies involved in the war effort during World War II.
Office of War Mobilization
designed by Henry J. Kaiser
-cargo boats
liberty ships
a fixed amount of a commodity officially allowed to each person during a time of shortage, as in wartime
were vegetable, fruit and herb gardens planted at private residences in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom during World War I and World War II to reduce the pressure on the public food supply brought on by the war effort.
victory garden
are a type of savings bond used by combatant nations to help fund a war effort
war bonds
early axis dominance in the atlantic?
britain and us struggled to control atlantic trade routes. merchants crossed the atlantic and u-boats would attack allies.
early axis dominance in north africa
rommel reinforced italian army-hitler sent 20,000 troops across the mediteranean sea.
series of battles, a two-mile (3 km) wide gap in the Grand Dorsal chain of the Atlas Mountains in west central Tunisia.
kasserine pass
early axis dominance in the soviet union
german troops invaded as a part of operation barbosa and gained control of substantial territory
allies in north africa
the allies won a victory at el alamein. 1943 the allies had the axis forces in North africa trapped..
allies in italy
mussolin was ousted after the allied invasion of sicily, the allies capture rome after fighting at the battle of anzio, the stuggle continued for many months.
victory in france
on d-day the allies stormed the beaches of Normandy, and some 2 months later they liberated paris
victory in germany
germans defended their conquest and homeland against the allies in the battle of the bulge.
agreement between churchill and fdr in newfoundland about the goals and guidelines of the war
atlantic charter
technique in which large # of bombs were scattered over a large area
carpet bombing
code name for the allied invasion of France in June 6,1944.

operation ________
operation overlord
desparate but unsucessful counterattack by german forces defending their border
battle of bulge
He was the commander of the Deutsches Afrika Korps and also became known by the nickname “The Desert Fox”
ater in command of the German forces opposing the Allied cross-channel invasion at Normandy.
General Rommel
He successfully commanded Allied forces at the Battle of El Alamein, a major turning point in World War II, and troops under his command were largely responsible for the expulsion of Axis forces from North Africa. He was later a prominent commander in Italy and North-West Europe, where he was in command of all Allied ground forces during Operation Overlord until after the Battle of Normandy.
Bernard Law Montgomery
invasion of soviet union

operation _________
Operation Barbosa
american troops in morocco and algeria.

under Eisenhower
operation torch
he served as Supreme Commander of the Allied forces in Europe, with responsibility for planning and supervising the successful invasion of France and Germany in 1944-45.
2nd key meeting between Fdr and Churchhill

to map out strategy for the rest of the ar

europe first then pacific

unconditional surrender
casablanca conference
invasion of sicily

operation _______
operation husky
deneutralizing laws passed in nazi germany. They used pseudoscientific basis for racial discrimination against jews.
Nuremberg Laws
"Night Of Broken Glass"
-name givent to the night of violence on Nov 9,1939 when Nazi storm trooper looted and destroyed Jewish homes,businesses and arrested jews
All but 1 of 32 nations refused to ease their immigration laws to deal with jewish refugees fleeing germany
Evian Conference
1942 Conference in Germany concerning the plan to murder European Jews
Wannsee Conference
a german camp created solely for the purpose of mass murder
death camps
under the command of eisenhower
operation torch
first meeting btwn fdr,churchill and stalin

agreed that an invasion across the english channel should come next
teheran conference
meeting of the big three
plan the final stages of the war

agree to divide germany and berlin
yalta conference
what 3 promises does stalin make
1.allow free election in european countries.
2. promises to enter the war against japan within 3 months
the germans were finally halted in their advance into the soviet union at_______
the battle of stalingrad
the battle of the bulge was ___
the largest battle fought in western europe during WWII
after world war 2 what organizaation was formed on the basis of the atlantic charter
the united nations
killing of approximately six million european jews
murdered jews and political opponents in mass shootings
us forces in the philippines were under the command of _________
Gen.Douglas Macarthur
japanese violated ______
Geneva Convention
rules of prisoners of war
Geneva Convention
B-25 bombers took of from the deck of the Us.s Hornet led by ___
Colonel James Doolittle
1st ever battle fought btwn carried launched planes
-stalemate but it stopped the Japanese drive towards australia
The Battle of the Coral Sea
in the battle of midway the use broke ___ and were aware of the japanese strategy { }

in the battle of midway the u.s fleet was commanded by ___________
Admiral Enester NImitz
which battle marked a major shift of power in the pacific?
the battle of midway
____________- us marines v.s japanese solideris
operation shoestring


in the philippines in 9/44 marines took a _____
both sides suffered heavy
casualties during the jungle fighting
iwo jima
the flag raising was a top at ______
kamikazee attacks became a regularity
a military strategy used during ww2 that involved the selectively attacking specific enemy held islands and by passing others
island hopping campaign
a set of international standards of conduct for treating prisoners of war,established in 1929
geneva convention
american general,was asked to serve as Jiang Jieshi's chief of justice. led the chinese amies defending burma
Joe Stillwell
broke the japanese code Jn-25 in time to lean crucial info before the attack began
Joseph Rochefort[magic]
suicide planes. were used in the battle of leyte gulf. pilots invaded their aircradt with bombs and delibaretly crashed them in enemy ships
supervised the building of atomic bomb,remembered the words of Bhagavad gita, the hindu holy book "Now i am become death,the destroyer of the world"
Robert Oppenheimer
dropped a single atomic bomb on hiroshima, a city in southern japan the and the site of a large army
enola gay
italian physicist,part of the manhattan project,he was the first to produce a controlled chain reaction in a lab.
enrico fermi
advisory group made up of military leaders,scientists,and government officials
interim committee