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In general, differences between goods and services are determined by the
degree of tangibility.
Service industries account for ____ of the gross domestic product of most developed nations.
nearly three-quarters
The intangibility aspect of a service means that
consumers may have a problem evaluating service offerings.
Which of the following services falls closest to the middle of the tangibility continuum?
Dinner at the Olive Garden
Hair stylists find it challenging to market their service because the customer must be involved in production (i.e., the haircut). This illustrates which of the following unique features of services?
Kathy Adkins, owner of Adkins Styling Salon, looks at the day's appointment schedule and notices that it is completely full. She wishes some of the empty slots from earlier in the week were available on this Saturday afternoon. Her thoughts deal with the ___________ characteristic of services.
The fact that the first massage Gretchen gives each day is better than the last massage demonstrates the ______ of services.
The main characteristic of a ___________ is that customers are satisfied to the point that they use a service repeatedly over a period of time.
client-based relationship
Which of the following is the best example of a high-contact service?
Plastic surgery
Clean, sharp looking employees with appropriate uniforms help assure customers about service quality and therefore address the _____ of services.
The marketing channels for services are usually
direct from provider to customer.