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Ritual, practices, and experience involving a search for the sacred example God, Allah, Etc that are shared within a group

Characteristics of religion

Formal, organized, group-oriented, ritualistic, objectives, as an easy measurable example Church attendance


A search for meaning and purpose in life, which seeks to understand logical to make questions in relation to the sacred

Characteristics of spirituality

Informal, non organized, self-reflective, may involve spiritual experiences, subjective, as in difficult to consistently measure example daily spiritual experiences, spiritual well-being

Spiritual assessment

Active and ongoing conversation. Assassin's the spiritual needs of the client

Characteristics of spiritual assessment

Formal or informal, respectful, not unbiased

Spiritual care

Addressing the spiritual needs of the client as they unfold through spiritual assessment

Characteristics of spiritual care

Individualistic, client-oriented, collaborative


Suffering is a part of human existence, but the n-word death of the self and senses leads to a state Beyond suffering and existence. Illness prayer and meditation are used for cleansing and healing. Terminal illness may be seen as a unique opportunity to reflect on life ultimate meaning and the meaning of one's relation with the world therefore, it is important that medication does not interfere with consciousness. End of life life is the opportunity to cultivate understanding, compassion, enjoy yourself in others. That is associated with rebirth. Serene surroundings are important to the Dignity of dying. Nutrition meaning of strict vegetarians. Some whole days include fasting from dawn to dusk but consideration are allowed for the frail and elderly, for whom fast input create problems


Nirvana once with God is the primary purpose of the religion. Many have an altar and their home for worship illness is the rest of past and current life actions Karma. The right hand is seen as holy and eating an intervention IV needs to be with the right hand to promote clean healing. End of life that's Mark's as passage because the soul has not beginning or end. At death the soul may be reborn as another person in ones, is carried forward. It is important for, to leave this life with a little negativity as possible transfer a better life next birth. Holy water and basil leaves maybe place on the body, sacred threads may be tied around wrist or neck. The deceased arm should be straightened. Nutrition many, but not all, or vegetarians. Many holyday's include fasting


Judaism includes religious beliefs and a philosophy for a code of ethics with four major grouping of Jewish beliefs reform, Reconstructionist, conservative, and orthodox. Prayer shawls are coming in Austin passed between generations of family a member of the clergy is known as rabbi illness to Save a Life however, signatures, and assessment for medical needs that can be scheduled end of life Psalms and the last prayer of confession or held at bedside at death, arms are not crossed any clothing or bandages with clients blood should be prepared for burial with the person it is important that the whole person be buried together nutrition what do dogs or kosher rules involve no mixing of mate with dairy, separate cooking and eating utensils are used for food preparation and consumption. Crucial laws include special procedures for food handling keeping kosher is predominantly in Orthodox practice. What food has passed kosher laws of preparation assemble K appears on the label. Many holyday's include is fasting.

Spirit acronym

Spiritual belief system, personal spirituality, integration with a spiritual community, ritualize practices and restrictions, implications for Medical Care, terminal event planning

Daily spiritual experiences scale

1 many times a day

2 everyday

3 most days

4 some days

5 once in awhile

6 never or almost never

Hope questions for Spiritual assessment

Sources of Hope,

organized religion,

personal spirituality reality and practices,

effects on Medical Care in end-of-life issues


Faith and belief,



address and care