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Women called ________________ made the first organized visits to the sick, and members of the male groups gave nursing care and buried the dead in this early christian period.
Who elevated the status of nursing to a respected occupation, improved the quality of nursing care, and founded modern nursing education?
Florence Nightingale
What is the ANA's description of the nurses role?
To provide services that contribute to the health and well being of the people.
The central focus of nursing is ________?
The patient receiving care
Who established the Red Cross in the US in 1882?
Clara Barton
What was the greatest influence on the development of nursing as a profession since the 1950's?
Nursing was broadened to include practice in a wide variety of health care settings.
Learning a new piece of hospital equipment would occur in what type of educational setting?
In service education
What nursing education program attracts more men, minorities, and non traditional students?
Associate degree in nursing
This process is used by the nurse to identify the patient's health care needs and strengths to establish and carry out a plan of care to meet their needs. What is this?
Nursing process
Which of the following nursing actions demonstrate the aim of nursing to promote health? (select all that apply)

a. Increasing student awareness of sexually transmitted diseases by distributing information pamphlets at a college health center.

b. Performing diagnostic measurements and examinations in an outpatient setting.

c. Serving as a role model of health for patients by maintaining a healthy weight.

d. Helping a person with paraplegia learn how to use a wheelchair.

e. Facilitating decisions about lifestyles that would enhance the well being of a teenager

f. Administering an insulin shot to a diabetic patient.
a, c, e
Which of the following nursing actions demonstrate the aim of nursing to facilitate coping? (select all that apply)

a. Teaching a class on the nutritional needs of pregnant women.

b. Changing the bandages of a patient who has undergone heart surgery.

c. Teaching a patient and his or her family how to live with diabetes.

d. Assisting a patient and his or her family to prepare for death.

e. Starting an intravenous line for a malnourished elderly person.

f. Providing counseling for the family of a teenager with an eating disorder.
Which of the following criteria define nursing as a profession? (select all that apply)

a. A well defined body of specific and unique knowledge.

b. Dependence on the medical community as a whole for standards of performance.

c. A code of ethics.

d. Ongoing research.

e. Selective membership

f. Recognized authority by a professional group.
a,c, d, f
Which of the following are professional nursing organization that are operating in the US? (select all that apply)

a. ANA

b. NNO

c. ICN



Which of the following statements accurately describe a nurse practice act? (select all that apply)

a. A nurse practice act regulates the practice of nursing.

b. nurse practice acts are regulated by the federal government.

c. Nurse practice acts exclude untrained and unlicensed people form practicing nursing.

d. The enforcement of rules and regulations does not fall within the scope of nurse practice acts.

e. Nurse practice acts establish the criteria for the education and licensure of nurses.

f. Legal requirements and titles for RN's and LPN's are not specifically defined by the nurse practice acts.
Which of the following statements regarding nursing licenses are accurate? (select all that apply)

a. The board of nursing for each state or province has the leagal authority to allow graduates of approved schools of nursing to take the licensing examination.

b. The licensed nurse is approved to practice nursing in any state.

c. The nursing license is valid during the life of the holder.

d. The nursing license can be denied due to criminal actions.

e. The nursing license cannot be revoked or suspended for professional misconduct.

f. A license is not necessary to practice nursing in nursing homes.
Prioritization Questions

1. The role of medicine developed from the precivilization era, through the eras signifying the beginning of civilization, the beginning of the 16th century, the 18th and 19th centuries, and the World War II era to the present. Place the events that defined these eras listed below in the correct chronological order to follow this time-line.

a. An Explosion of knowledge in medicine and technology occurred.

b. Focus on religion was replaced by a focus on warfare, exploration, and expansion of knowledge.

c. Belief in good and evil spirits bringing health or illness existed; medicine mean were physicians.

d. Hospital schools were organized; female nurses were under control of male hospital dominated the healthcare setting.

e. Varied healthcare settings developed.

f. Temples were the centers of medical care; belief that illness is caused by sin and God's displeasure existed; priests were the physicians.
C, F, B, D, A, E
The role of the nurse developed from the precivilization era, through the eras signifying the beginning of civilization, the beginning of the 16th century, the 18th and 19th centuries, and the WWII era to the present. Place the following roles of the nurse listed below in the correct chronological order to follow this time line.

a. There was a shortage of nurses; criminals were recruted as nurses; nursing was view as disreputable.

b. Nursing was broadened in all areas and was practiced in a wide variety of settings; nursing was viewed as a profession.

c. nurses were portrayed as a mother, caring for family and delivering physical care and health remedies.

d. Nurses were viewed as slaves, carrying out menial tasks based on the order of the priest.

e. Florence Nightingale elevated nursing to a respected occupation and founded modern methods in nursing education.

f. Efforts were made to upgrade nursing education, and women were more assertive and independent.
The ___________ was founded in 1899, was the first international organization of professional women.
ICN or International Council of Nurses
Founded in the late 1800's the _________ is a professional organization for registered nurses in the US.
ANA or American Nurses Association
The __________ developed by the ANA, define the activities of nurses that are specific and unique to nursing.
Standards of Clinical Nursing Practice
_____________ are laws established in each state in the US to regulate the practice of nursing.
Nurse Practice Acts
One of the major guidelines for nursing practice, the ____________ integrates both the art and science of nursing.
Nursing Process
True or False
A nurse practice act is a law that regulates the practice of nursing.
True :)
True or false
The ANA defines continuing education as those professional development experiences designed to enrich the nurse's contribution to health.
True :)
True or False
The Legal right to practice nursing is termed professional standards.
True or False
When a nurse completes a diploma, associate dgree, or baccalaureate program, he or she becomes licensed as a licensed practical nurse
True or false
In early civilizations influenced by the theory of animism, the roles of physician and nurse were inter changeable.
True or false
The ANA founded in 1899 as the first international orgainization for professional women, with nurses from both the US and Canada as charter members.
True or false
All nursing actions focus on the orders of the physician.

Nursing is always focused on the Patient :)
True or false
Practical nursing was developed to prepare nurses to give bedside nursing care to patients.
True :)
True or false
When the major goals of healthcare promoting, maintaining, or restoring health can no longer be met the nurses duties are terminated
True or false
Nursing has evolved through history from a technical services to a knowledge center process that allows maximizing of human potential
Nursing is caring why?
Nursing is the demonstration of non-possessive caring for and about others.
Nursing is sharing. Why?
Nursing is sharing self with patients, other healthcare team members, and other nurses.
Nursing is touching. Why?
Nursing is toughing to provide comfort and give care.
Nursing is feeling? Why?
Nursing is sharing with patients in the human feelings of sorrow, joy, frustration, and satisfaction.
Nursing is listening. Why?
Nursing is listening attentively to the verbal and non verbal communication signals of others.
Nursing is accepting. Why?
Nursing is accepting self in order to accept others.
Nursing is respecting. Why?
Nursing is respecting individual differences through unconditional acceptance, ensuring confidence and privacy, and individualizing care.
Which term best describes the science of nursing?

a. The skilled application of knowledge.

b. The knowledge base for care

c. Hands on care, such as giving a bath

d. Respect for each individual patient
Which nurse in history is credited with establishing nursing education?

a. Clara Barton

b. Lillian Wald

c. Lavinia Dock

d. Florence Nightingale
What historic event in the 20th century led to an increased emphasis on nursing and broadened the role of nurses?

a. Religious reform

b. Crimean War

c. World War II

d. Vietnam War
Which of the following phrases describes on e of the pruposes of the ANA's Nursing Social Policy System?

a. To describe the nurse as a dependent caregiver.

b. To provide standards for nursing educational programs.

c. To regulate nursing research.

d. To describe nursing's values and social responsibility.
You are teaching a class of junior high students about the effects of smoking. This educational program will meet which of the aims of nursing?

a. Promoting health.

b. Preventing Illness.

c. Restoring health

d. Facilitating coping with a disability or death.
Which organization was the 1st international organization of professional women?

a. ICN

b. ANA

c. NLN

What is the purpose of the ANA's Scope and Standards of Practice?

a. To describe the ethical responsibility of nurses.

b. To define the activities that are special and unique to nursing.

c. To establish nursing as an independent and freestanding profession.

d. To regulate the practice of nursing.
What type of authority regulates the practice of nursing?

a. International Standards and codes

b. federal guidelines and regulations

c. state nurse practice acts

d. institutional policies