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Following each surgical case, the post-operative clean-up procedures include
which of the following activities:
the sharps are placed in a puncture-proof container.
When supplies are prepared for steam sterilization, the maximum size and weight
of a linen pack are :
12x12x20 inches; 12 pounds.
Which of the following electrical energy concepts is measured in amps?
Which of the following correctly describes a type of fracture?
A compound fracture is the same as an open fracture and occurs when the bone
protrudes through the skin.
Bacteria are classified by shape. Which of the following is true about the
shape of bacteria?
cocci are spherical in shape
Wounds can heal in three ways. Which correctly describes healing by third
wound which has been left open due to infection, brought back to surgery for
secondary closure, and two surfaces of granulation tissue are approximated
Who was known for his gentle tissue handling practices, his silk suturing
technique, and the introduction of rubber gloves to the operating environment?
William Halstead
Which of the following is a plasma expander and is used as artificial plasma
when blood is not yet available?
Which of the following local anesthetic agents is for topical use only and is
not injected?
cocaine hydrochloride (Cocaine)
Cerebrospinal fluid is formed in the:
choroid plexus.
A primagravida is a/an:

woman in her first pregnancy.
woman in her first pregnancy.
Which of the following anesthetic agents is given intravenously and is used for
a quick induction?
propofol (Diprivan)
Which of the following sutures would be used to make tonsil knots and to suture
the subcutaneous layer?
Plain gut
Excessive scar formation is known as a/an:
Which of the following is a sponge used on delicate tissue such as the brain and
mucous membranes?
When using a pneumatic tourniquet, all of the following precautions are taken
except which one?
With the extremity elevated, an Esmarch bandage may be applied from proximal
to distal to esanguinate the limb prior to tourniquet inflation.
Which of the following is not a sign of inflammation?
Which surgical position involves lowering the head of the table, which improves
visualization of pelvic structures?
Which of the concepts of electrosurgery (ESU) electrical energy flow is correct?
During the use of bipolar electrical energy, the energy passes through the
tissue and returns through the same instrument used to deliver the current.
An electrical fire should be extinguished with which type of extinguisher?
Class C
Which of the following drugs is an osmotic diuretic used during a craniotomy to
reduce cerebral edema?
mannitol (Osmitrol)
During a Suprapubic Prostatectomy, the surgeon uses what to enucleate the
prostate gland?
the surgeon’s finger
A Transphenoidal Hypophysectomy is the surgical removal of which structure?
pituitary gland
Which of the following is not good aseptic technique?
Sterile persons may grasp the edge of the draped back table to move it into
The surgical scrub should:
include the subungual area, which should be cleaned with a nail cleaner
under running water.
If the autoclave temperature reads 270 degrees F, what is the pressure?
27-30 psi
Requirements for an individual operating room include all of the following
built-in systems of oxygen from a blue hose and nitrous oxide from a green
Which of the following drugs is an enzyme added to a local anesthetic to enhance
Hyaluronidase (Wydase)
Osteomalacia means:
an abnormal softening of bone.
Which of the following is the name of the incision made to perform an
McBurney, made in the right lower quadrant
The sterilizing agent that is limited to commercial sterilization of supplies
cobalt 60.
A nosocomial infection is one which:
occurred as a result of being in a hospital or health care facility.
The electrical energy device that uses a stream of argon gas to deliver the
electrical current to the target tissues using a “no-touch” technique is the:
argon-enhanced coagulator.
When a patient is placed in the prone position, he or she is log-rolled onto
chest rolls with the weight born by the:
iliac crest and acromion process.
Prior to performing a cervical biopsy, the surgeon may paint the cervix with
which of the following solutions?
Lugol’s solution
All of the following are neuromuscular blocking agents except:
If the surgeon ordered tetracaine (Pontocaine) two gtts OU stat, the circulator
would give:
two drops in both eyes immediately.
Following the surgical case, instruments may be cleaned in a machine that uses
high-frequency sound waves to dislodge debris by the process of cavitation.
This cleaning device is the:

ultrasonic cleaner.
ultrasonic cleaner.
A test performed daily on the pre-vacuum sterilizer to ensure complete removal
of air is called the:
Bowie Dick test.
A Meckel’s diverticulum is located at the:
distal ileum
Which of the following is a correct procedure when working with a plaster cast?
The plaster roll should be removed from the bucket of water when the bubbles
The next six questions relate to the following scenario: Anita M. age
72, is scheduled for a Total Hip Replacement.

What is the most common reason for performing this procedure?
What is another name for this procedure?
Anita would be placed in which of the following positions?
Which of the following draping materials would not be used on this case?
extremity sheet
All of the following instruments and supplies may be used except
Kerrison rongeur.
Post-operatively, what would be used to immobilize the joint?
abduction pillow