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Qualitites of Light

Intensity (Brightness)

Coherence (Hard vs. Soft)

Color Temperature (Redness or blueness of light)

5 Motivators of a Story






4 Parts of a Story





3 Characteristics of Sound





Determine Pitch

Measured in HZ


Determines Volume


Determines Unqiuness of Souds

4 Strengths of a Video



Motion - Only median that allows motion

Eyewitness - Shock and Awe

Things Video Doesn't Do Well

Lack of visuals

Too many viewpoints

Audio/Video conflict


Too long

Too Many Numbers

Uninteresting Video

Top Ten Mistakes Students Make

Shots too short

Centering Subjects

"We'll fix it in post."

White Walls

Too Creative

Quantity over Quality

Shaky Video

Ignoring Audio

Jump Cuts

Using Auto

"Warm Up" a shot

Make it more red

"Cooling off" a shot

Make more blue

Objective Point of View

Scene shown from point of view of camera

Subjective Point of View

Watch scene as if camera was one of characters

Presenational Point of View

Used for news. Anchor looks directly at camera

3 Types of Editing




Parallel Editing

Cutting back and forth between 2 scenes

Complexity Editing

Intensifies emotions

Continuity Editing

Clarifies an event

Generation Loss

Copy of a copy

Video quality gets worse with each copy


Gets rid of pixels


Rearranges pixels

What determines Pitch?


Explain how focal length is correlated with angle of view

The longer the focal length, the narrower the angle of view.

The shorter the focal length, the wider the angle of view.

Name of the transition in which an image is gradually replaced by another image?


Horizontal Movement of the camera on a stationary mount?


Vertical movement of the camera on a stationary mount?


Raising or lowering the camera on a stationary mount?


Movement of the camera and mount away from the subject

Dolly Out

Giving the audience sufficient visual clues to fill in information missing on the screen?


Title of person who operates Video Switcher?

Technical Director

Based on the following zoom ranges, choose which lens would give the widest shot.






Of the following f-stops, which one would let the most light pass through the lens?

F 11

F 8

F 5.6

F 4

F 4

What type of POV is used in Dramatic Television?


What cue will the director give the camera operator to correct insufficient headroom?

Tilt Up

Diagram and label the 7 steps for VIDEO signal flow from the studio to the viewer at home.




Video Switcher

Preview and Program

Recording Device (SSD)


Diagram and label the 5 steps for AUDIO signal flow from the studio to the viewer at home.


Audio Mixer

Audio Monitors

Recording Device (SSD)


Explain Cross Shooting and why we use it.

Shooting a person on the left with a camera on the right and vice versa.

Keeps people from being in profile view.

Profile is ugly.

True or False

When planning an interview one must make a list of very specific questions to abide by.


A ________ interprets and translates the script into a visual experience.


What happens to your XLR cable when you connect a 1/4" adapter to it?

It becomes unbalanced.

What is the unit of measurement of Impedance?


"In news, the one who sits in the control room, communicates with live shots, keeps time and makes necessary changes" is the job description for whom?

Line Producer

The ability of a microphone to hear across the entire frequency range is known as:

Flat Response

List 2 Below-the-Line posistions you held during Student Spotlight rotations

Technical Director

Floor Manager

Camera Operator

VTR Operator

Audio Operator

List 2 Above-the-Line posistions.






What do we call it when an audio console, or some other source, rather than a battery, supplies power to your microphone?

Phantom Power


The news director calls the cues in the control room during a broadcast.


Increasing the frequency of a sounds wave causes a sound to:

Become louder

Difference between in duties between a Producer and a executive producer?

Producer- Decide on stories, ideas, and chooses content

EP- Oversee several news shows and prevent redundancy.

List at least points points which should be included in your cover letter.

Position you are applying for

Where you saw the listing

Abilities you have they mentioned in the listing

One or two key highlights from your resume

What YOU can do for THEM

Draw and label the pickup pattern for an omnidirectional mic

Can here sounds from all directions

Draw and label the pickup pattern for an ultracardiod mic

Specialized type of unidirectional mic. Very narrow pickup pattern. Pickup sounds that are quite a distance from the front of the mic.

Explain DYNAMIC sound generating elements in microphones and how each transduces sounds waves into an electrical signal.

Moving coil

Have diaphragm that vibrates when sounds waves hit it

Diaphragm is attached to a coil wrapped around a magnet

Coil moves with diaphragm causing change in magnectic field and generates an audio signal

Rugged Mic

Does not need external power source

Explain CONDESOR sound generating elements in microphones and how each transduces sounds waves into an electrical signal.

Capacictor releases audio signal when sound waves hit the front plate


Require external power source

Example: Lav Mics

Explain RIBBON sound generating elements in microphones and how each transduces sounds waves into an electrical signal.

Thin metal ribbon vibrates in magentic field to create audio signal

Warm tone

Used in recording studios

Very sensitive and not good for the field

4 roles of a Director

Coordinator- Give cues

Psychologist- Know how to get what you need out of people. Know when to be mean and when to be nice.

Artist- Know which effects to use when. Not editorialize. Not make the show bias to your opinion/views.

Technical Advisor- Know what you want out of people and how to get it.

What does color temperature measure?

The redness or blueness of white light

Explain the Rule of Thirds

What you always follow when framing a shot. The shot is broken up by a 3x3 grid. You align the subject with one of the four corners of the center square.

How does zoom relate to focal length?

Zooming in on an object results in a longer focal length.

Zooming out from an object results in a shorter focal length.

Explain Directional Continuity

Keeping the camera on the same side of the field means the action will apear to the viewers as going in the same direction no matter which camera you cut to.

Explain the difference between a show format and a rundown

A show format is the same for every show. A rundown is specific to one show. THe content in the rundown will change but the actual format of the show will not.

What are vectors?

Elements in the video frame that provide a path for the viewer to visually navigate across the frame.

Graphic Vectors

Created by stationary objects that guide the viewers eyes in a certain direction

Index Vectors

Created by people or objects that point in a particular direction. For example, someone point off screen

Motion Vectors

Created when there is movement in the frame. For example, a cyclist moving from left to right across the frame.

What is the purpose of editing?

Selecting and sequencing the parts of an event that are most effective in clarifying/intensifying it.

What are jump cuts?

Abrupt interruptions in the editing. For example, taking something from the beginning and end of the interview and editing them together. There is a noticeable "jump" between the two clips.

What are cutaways?

When you cut from the subject's interview to B-Roll pertaining to what the subject is talking about and then cut back to the interview. Used to avoid jump cuts.

Explain 3 point lighting

Uses key, fill, and back light

Key light- Main light source placed to one side of the camera

Fill light- Softlight placed on opposity side of camera from key light. Meant to fill in and soften shadows created by the key light

Back light- The hard light shining towards the camera from behind the subject. Creates separation between the subject and background.

What is falloff?

The speed in which light picture portion turns into shadow area.

What is a base light?

Even. Non-directional, diffused light necessary for the camera to operate optimally.

Explain contrast ratio.

Difference between the brightest and darkest spots of a picture. Optimal contrast ratio is 40:1 to 50:1

What is high key lighting?

Low contrast, flat lit scenarios

Uses key light, fill light, and a back light

Used in sitcoms

What is low key lighting?

High contrast ratio

Used to create sinister/suspenseful mood

Used in police dramas and murder mysterys

Lead Room (Nose Room)

Leave room in the direction the person is looking


Room between the top of a person's head and the top of the frame


Give audience room to fill in information missing on screen.

Dutch Angle

Used to portray psychological uneasiness or tension in the subject being filmed

High Angle

Made to make subject in frame appear to have a higher power

Low Angle

made to make subject in frame appear to have less power.

Illogical Closure

Having something in the background appear to be coming out of the subject. For example, a tree coming out of the subject's head.