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What are the 3 principle Decision-making support systems?
1) Planning Programming Budgeting & Execution (PPBE)Process
2) Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS)
3) Defense Acquisition System
What is the focus of JCIDS?
Capability needs - things that the forces don't currently have.
What instruction governs the Defense Acquisition System?
DoD 5000
What entity has oversight of the Defense Acquisition System?
Milestone Decision Authority (MDA)
What entity has oversight of the JCIDS?
Joint Requirements Oversight Council (JROC)
What entity has oversight of the PPBS?
What PPBE task happens in Year 2 of a 4 year Presidential Term?
What 2 items drive the JCIDS?
1) National Security Strategy 2) QDR
What Defense Acquisition documents support the JCIDS?
1) Initial Capabilities Document (ICD)
2) Capability Development Document (CDD)
3) Capability Production Document (CPD)
4) Analysis of Alternatives (AoA)
What is the expected outcome of JCIDS?
Recommended Material solutions that lead to acquisition programs.
When are Defense Acquisition Board reviews conducted?
Conducted at major program milestones, at the Full-Rate production decision review and as necessary
What is the function of the Joint Requirements Oversight Council (JROC)?
To provide advice and counsel to SECDEF, to validate key performance parameters (KPP's).
Who makes up the Joint Requirements Oversight Council?
Service Vice Chiefs
What are the major decision reviews?
1). Material Development Decision, 2). Preliminary Design Review, 3). Full-rate production review, 4). Critical Design Review
What is the forum for approving ACAT 1AM milestones?
IT acquisition board reviews
What are the life cycle sustainment activities?
Pre-Acquisition, Acquisition and Sustainment
What are some important life cycle sustainment considerations?
Product support, data management, life-cycle cost, life-cycle assessment, serial item management, condition based maintenance, interoperability, integrated supply chain mgmt, logistics footprint minimization
What are some important design considerations?
interoperability, software, supportability, corrosion prevention control, system security, accessibility, critical safety items, item unique identification
What are some of the important Milestone A documents?
Acquisition decision memorandum, analysis of alternatives, systems engineering plan, test & evaluation strategy, technology development strategy
What are some of the important Milestone B documents?
Acquisition decision memo, analysis of alternatives update, acuqisition strategy, capability development doc, info support plan, independent cost estimate
What are some important Milestone C documents?
Acquisition strategy, acquisition program baseline, capability production doc, independent cost estimate, info support plan, life cycle sustainment plan, systems engineering plan, test and eval master plan,
Before Milestone A, what phase is conducted?
Material Solution Analysis phase
After Milestone A and before Milestone B, what phase is conducted?
Technology Development
After Milestone B and before Milestone C, what phase is conducted?
Engineering and Manufacturing Development phase
After Milestone C, what phase is conducted?
Production and Deployment