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What does CBRN stand for?
Chemical, Biological, Radialogical, Nuclear
What are the three fundamentals of NBC defense?
Contamination Avoidance
What must be coupled with the three fundamentals in order to fight and win under NBC conditions?
An effective retalitory response
What are the 4 FM's that explain the fundamentals of NBC defense?
FM 3-3 Chem and Bio Contamination Avoidance
FM 3-4 NBC Protection
FM 3-5 NBC Decon
FM 3-7 NBC Handbook
In what FM will you find a general overview of these fundamentals?
FM 3-100 Chemical Operations Prinicpals and Fundamentals
What are the four steps to contamination avoidance?
Implement Passive Defense measures/ Warn and Report NBC attacks/ Locate, ID, track, and predict NBC Hazards/ Limit exposure to NBC Hazards
Warn and report/Implement defensive measures/Locate and ID Attacks/Limit exposure
What are some examples of passive defensive measures that will reduce the chance of a unit being targeted?
OPSEC/ Light discipline/ good camo/ remain mobile
What are some examples that reduce the effectiveness of an NBC attack?
Ample Warning/ Dispersion/ Hardend positions/ overhead cover/ prevent spread of contamination & fallout
What is an IPB?
Intelligence preparation of the Battlefield
What five functions are included in the IPB?
Evaluation of the battlefield
Terrain analysis
Threat Eval
Threat integration
The minimum NBC threat status is set at what level?
Division or seperate brigade level
NBC hazards are divided into what 2 levels?
Immediate-produce casualties immediately after attack
Residual- produces casualties for a period of time after attack
NBC protection is divided into what two broad categories?
What is the US policy regarding the use of NBC assets?
Bio- NO use
Chemical- NO first use
Nuclear- Last resort
What forms do NBC contaminants come in?
Solids/ Liquids/ Vapor/ Gases/ Aerosols
What does JSLIST stand for?
Joint services Lightweight integrated suit technology
When under an NBC attack when do you give warning?
When under attack after you mask GI Joe
What is atropine?
A counter agent for V and G nerve agents
Soldiers in MOPP 4 may lose how much water per hour in perspiration?
1 quart or more
What forms do NBC Contaminants come in?
Solid, liquids and gases
When fitting the protective mask in what order do you adjust straps?
Forehead, Cheek, Temple,
Which NBC report is most widely used?
What are the 3 types of procedures for MOPP gear exchange?
Buddy team
Triple Buddy
3 fundamentals of NBC Defense?
Avoidance, Decontamination, protection
The pro mask will not protect you against what 2 vapors?
Ammonia, Carbon Monoxide
What should you do with an autoinjector after you have used it?
Place it in the left breast pocket of the victim and bend the needle
When giving buddy aid how long should you wait before administiring a second and third dose?
Dont wait you idiot I am dying!!
When giving self aid how long do you wait before administering a second and third dose?
10 to 15 seconds....
Who can make the decision to unmask a unit?
The unit commander
How often should you TM your Pro-Mask?
Before, during and after training, monthly, and least monthly
Name some mild symptoms of Nerve agent poisoning?
Runny Nose/ headache/ drooling/ difficulty seeing and breathing/ sweating/ twitching/ stomach cramps/ Nausea/ tachycardia
Name some of the severe symptoms of Nerve agent poisoning?
Strange behavior/ Weezing/ Severely pinpointed pupils, red eyes tearing/ vomiting/ muscular twitching/ convulsions/ involuntary urination and defecation/ unconsciousness/ respiratory failure/ bradycardia
What is the color of a nuclear contamination marker?
White with black letters spelling ATOM
What causes the most casualties in a nuclear explosion?
Initial blast and heat of detonation
What does AN VDR-2 and AN/UDR-13 measure?
VDR-2 Radiation detection
UDR-13 Total Dose or radiation
What are the 4 prinicples of decon?
Speed-Decon ASAP
Need-Decon only what is needed
Limit-decon as far forward as possible
Priority- decon most important things first
What are the 3 basic levels of decon?
Immediate-Skin decon, personal wipedown, operator spray down
operational- mopp gear exchange, vehicle washdown
thorough-detailed equipment, and troop decon
When the BDO is donned how long will it retain its protective qualities?
14 days
Once the BDO is contaminated with a liquid chemical agent, how long will it protect?
24 hours
Once the CPOG is contaminated how long will it protect?
What is the time allowed for a solider to go from mopp 0 to mopp 4?
8 minutes
HOw long to done the pro mask?
9 seconds
How many levels of MOPP are there?
6, MOPP-
ready-w/in 2 hours
0- arms length
1-overgarment worn
2-overgarment and boots
3-O.G, boots and gloves
4-O.G., boots, gloves, and mask
Soldiers in MOPP 4 can lose how much water per hour?
11/2 quarts
What is M9 paper used for?
detecting liquid chemical agents
How is m9 paper worn?
On the upper right arm, lower left arm and right ankle
What is M8 paper?
detector paper for V nerve,G nerve,H blister agents
What colors will M8 paper turn when exposed to V,G, or H type agents
V-dark green
G-yellow, gold
H-red, pink
What is the M256 Kit?
Chemical agent detector kit, id nerve blister and blood agents
M291 and M258A1 kits are used for?
Personal skin decontamination
What does a biological NBC marker looks like?
Red Letters BIO on a blue background
What does a chemcial NBC marker look like?
Red letters GAS on a yellow background
What 8 factors affect persistency of chemical agents?
concentration and droplet size
wind speed
type of terrain
composition of contaminated surface
What is used to describe the center of a nuclear explosion?
Ground Zero
What are the six major types of chemical agents?
nerve, blood, blister, choking, psychochemical, and irritant