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What is the process called of securing cargo to prevent its vertical movement?

Tomming Down

On a common cargo block what is the swallow?

The space between the sheave and the cheek when

When stowing cargo verticals what devise is used to secure them?

Steel chocks on the tires

What is the name of the block that is in the middle of most cargo booms

Slack wire block

What is the mechanical advantage of a gun tackle?

2 to 1

Winches in constant use should be lubricated and maintenanced about once every how many hours?

4 hours

When determining what size line to use in a cargo block what is the formula to use

The size of the line x3

What is used to secure amphibious vehicles aboard ships?

6,000 lb pecken hale gripes

Vehicles that are to be used in amphibious assaults can have what percentage of fuel in there tanks below deck?


What is the proper way to store drums onboard a navy ship?

On end with bungs up and packed closely together as possible

What winch hand signal best describes arms bent upward, fist clenched, pumping arms up and down?

Emergency hoisting

What is the proper way to determine the size of a cargo block?

Measuring the cheek

What type of cargo boom will you use when you exceed the SWL of a single head boom?

Block in a bight method

What type of cargo can you not handle with a hand hook?


What type of boom would you only use in an emergency situation?

Two swinging booms

What crane signal is being directed if you see a left hand closed with thumb facing down and finger on the right hand pointing straight up, with fist clenched on right hand?

Lower boom and raise hook

When transferring ammunition when using a cargo net, what will you need to work in conjunction with the net?

Salmon Board

When stowing vehicles below decks how far apart would you stow them to prevent rubbing?

4-6 inches apart

What winch signal are you performing if you hold your right hand straight up to your right and drop it in a crossing motion across your body?


What is the mechanical advantage of a luff tackle jigger?

3 to 1

When training a new winch operator handle the draft with how many distinct movements?


What kind of winches are those with rope wound for raising, lowering or pulling loads?

Drum winches

What is the devise or equipment that is between the booms on the yard and stay rig?

Midship guy

Who’s responsibility is it to ensure required maintenance is done on winches in constant use?

POIC and winch operator

What is a length of line or wire with an eye spliced at each end named?

Cargo strap

What device is rigged over the side to prevent the loss of cargo overboard?

Save All

What can be installed on a shipboard ladder to help move hand held cargo easier?

Folding leaf ladder chute

When stowing cargo verticals what device is used to secure them?

Steel chocks on the tires