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Which of the following describes a variable measured on an ordinal scale?

Order can be assigned to the categories

All the data collected for a particular study are referred to as the

data set.

A grocery store manager recorded the purchase amount of a sample of 75 customers who purchased groceries at their store. What data are being collected in this study?

How much money they spent

Which scale of measurement can be used with quantitative data?


Which of the following attributes is qualitative?

A person's favorite food

A manager of a large corporation recommends a $10,000 raise be given to keep a valued subordinate from moving to another company. Consider the internal and external sources of data that might be used to decide whether such a salary increase is appropriate. Classify each of the following sources of data on employee salaries as either internal or external.

The personnel department= internal

The Department of Labor= external

Other industry associations= external

To date, the major applications of data mining have been implemented by companies with a strong

consumer focus.

In data mining, one of the common statistical approaches to evaluating a predictive model's reliability is to divide the sample data set into two parts:

A training data set and a test data set.

Each row in a worksheet corresponds to a variable and each column corresponds to an observation.


A statistical procedure is not the same as its implementation in Excel.