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What are 3 justifications for performing a breeding soundness exam (BSE)?
1) Evaluate potential fertility prior to sale
2) Evaluate fertility of individual bull(s) prior to introduction to herd or periodically during use
3) Evaluate bull(s) as source of infertility in a herd
Approximately ______% of unselected bulls do NOT pass a BSE
-bulls who don't pass aren't necessarily sterile, just sub-fertile
Bulls that don't pass the BSE aren't necessarily sterile, just subfertile. Why are sub-fertile bulls such a problem?
-Subfertility in bulls is associated with delayed conception in cows
BSE is very reliable for detecting bulls with ______ and those that are clearly unsatisfactory.
High potential fertility
-hard to distinguish b/w bulls that easily passed examine and one that barely passed
Why can using more than one bull instead of performing BSE's be an issue?
-economically doesn't make sense
-when mix males usually one establishes dominance and in a breeding situation one will do 80% of breeding, usually older one that is dominant so if this one is infertile then the other one could be very fertile and doesn’t get a chance to breed