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What is the binominal nomenclature hoity toity term for a rat?
Rattus norvegicus
How many front toes does a rat have? Rear toes? And we're not counting any lost in traps....
5 on front
4 on rear
Where are locations for venipuncture in a rat?
Lateral tail v.
Ventral caudal a.
Lateral saphenous v. (really tough)
Tarsal stick
Where are a rat's external scent glands located?
No blatant external scent glands but they do have preputial scent glands (males only of course)!
What is the dental formula for a rat? Which teeth are hyposodont? Which are rooted?
I 1/1, C 0/0, P 0/0, M 3/3
Incisors are hypsodont
Molars are rooted
ID these rat parts
A - Exorbital lacrimal gland
B - Parotid salivary gland
C - Mandibular salivary gland
A - Mandibular salivary gland
B - Yet another mandibular salivary gland!!
ID these rat parts
A - Thymus
B - Lung
C - Heart
D - Liver
ID these rat guts
A - Kidney
B - Spleen
C - Liver
D - Stomach
E - Cecum
More rat guts...
A - Stomach
B - Spleen
C - Pancreas
D - Kidney
E - Adrenal
More rat guts...
A - Liver
B - Stomach
C - Kidney
D - Duodenum
E - Jejunum
F - Cecum
ID these rat butt parts
A - is for Anus
B - is for Baginal opening
C - is for um urethral opening
ID this rat junk
A - Vesicular gland
B - Coagulating gland
C - Ductus deferens
D - Prostate
What scent gland do rats possess?
Preputial gland
Which has the gall bladder - rat or the mouse?
T or F:
Mammary tumors are usually benign in rats but not in mice.
Which has the nonglandular stomach region - rat or mouse?
How do you say mouse in latin (at least to a geeky scientist)?
Mus musculus
Where are good bleeding sites for the mouse?
Lateral caudal veins
Lateral saphenous v.
Median caudal a. as well
How do you say hamster in geeky latin?
Mesocricetus auratus
How do rats thermoregulate?
How do mice thermoregulate?
(I assume ears and scrotum too but it wasn't explicitly mentioned)
Which is the male? What is indicated by the arrows?
Little guy on the left is male.
Arrows indicate Flank glands (scent)
What type of incisors do hamsters have? Molars?
Hypsodont incisors and brachydont molars
ID these structures
A - Brown fat
B - Retractor muscle for cheek pouch
C - Cheek pouch
Where is a good bleeding site for the hamster?
Lateral saphenous v.
ID these hamster guts
A - Fundus
B - Stomach
C - Spleen
D - Uterus
E - Cecum
T or F:
The hamster has some microbial digestion in the pyloric region of the stomach.
False! This occurs in the fundus!
ID these hamster guts
A - Urinary bladder
B - Vesicular gland
C - Prostate
D - Coagulating gland
E - Bulbourethral gland
F - Penis
G - Testis
ID these:
A - Ventral midline scent gland
B - Urethral opening
C - Vagina
D - Scrotum
E - Anus
What is the main scent gland of the gerbil?
Ventral midline sebaceous gland
What is the geeky latin name for the gerbil?
Meriones unguiculatus
Removing which structure prevents "red nose" in the gerbil?
The Harderian gland (deep gland of the third eyelid)