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Flow of electrons from a high charge to a low charge
Negative Pole
Source of electrons: higher charge
Positive Pole
Location to which electrons flow: lower charge
Electrical Potential
An electrical charge measured in volts; the ability to do work through the use of stored potential electrical energy
A measure of a difference in electrical potential
A device that measures the difference in electrical potential between two bodies
Concluded that electricity flows along the nerve. Electrical current applied to dissected nerve causes the muscle connected to the nerve to twitch.
Galvani: Electrical stimulation
Passing electrical current from tip of an electrode through brain tissue, resulting in changes in the electrical activity of the tissue.
People that performed electrical stimulation studies?
Fritsch and Hitzig (mid-19th century)
Electrical stimulation of the neocortex causes movement (arms and legs)

Bartholow (1874)
First report of human brain stimulation