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science of controlling or improving certain features of livestock through genetic breeding programs

animal husbandry

science of research and study of artifacts and ancient cultures


in taxonomy a classification plan based on grouping certain outstanding features of a plant or animal

artificial system

plants or animals selected or sorted from others on the basis of certain features which are salable.

economic uses

in taxonomy, a classification plan based on assumed relationships of common ancestry or evolution

natural system

without bias


body of ideas based on personal opinions


the science of controlling or breeding certain features of crops or vegetables through genetic programs

plant breeding

the development of new species and new kinds from an ancestral species. concept of evolution


to test for truth or accuracy


the science of genetics has demonstrated repeatedly that:

the variation among species is not the result of evolution

speciation is founded on the principle of genetic mutations and __________

speculated genetic possibilities

organisms are limited to reproducing after its own kind by:

known laws of genetics, observation through human history

there is an observable change from each kind of organism into some other kind t/f


anyone interpreting information will be limited from being completely objective by his or her ________


taxonomy is the science of:

organizing and classifying

the best choice for explaining the meaning of binomial nomenclature is:

two-name calling

a diagram showing unlimited variations of life developing from the creation model would appear as:

a forest of unique trees

a diagram showing unlimited variations and speciation of life developing from evolution would appear as:

a tree of diverse leaves or branches

classifying by using flower color, leaf shape and leaf arrangement is an example of using:

an artificial system

according to todays ______ system of classification, any characteristic may provide clues to relationships among living things


reproductive isolation is :

the ability to reproduce only within a species