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What are the chances that a woman who is color blind will have a son who is color blind?

100 percent

The gene responsible for Marfan syndrome encodes a protein associated with?

connective tissue

Color blindness only occurs in males

False, not just men

The main problem for sufferers of cystic fibrosis is?

mucus blocking ducts of glands, the inability to transport chloride ions.

Variation in expressivity and penetrance of genes is due to the effects of other genes and the environment.

True, it can have variety.

Amal has a serious metabolic disorder known as PKU. His sister has the same disorder. Neither of Amal’s parents have the disorder. What is the most likely inheritance pattern of this disorder?

Autosomal recessive

The phenotypes of a trait controlled by the same gene are not always identical.

True, not always the same.

A child is born with a lethal dominant allele. This would seem to be impossible since either parent, had they possessed this allele, would have suffered its lethal effects. What is a possible explanation?

All of these are possible

Duchenne muscular dystrophy and Becker's muscular dystrophy represent allelic forms of the same X linked gene.


Dystrophin is a protein that normally

strengthens the attachment between muscle proteins and the plasma membrane.

Autosomal dominant traits are inherited from affected parents.

truth, dominant trait.

More than one mode of inheritance can be seen for a single trait

truth, multiple modes of inheritance.

The analysis of a pedigree is complete when the information in the pedigree supports the hypothesis formed by the geneticist.

false, the information doesn't support

Mendel's laws apply to all sexually reproducing organisms. Therefore, the basic methods of genetic analysis in humans and other organisms is the same.


Valeria has a serious disorder called fragile X syndrome and her brother does not have the disorder. Her mother does not have the disorder but her father does. What is the most likely inheritance pattern for fragile X syndrome?

X linked dominant

Two phenotypically normal parents have six children. Two daughters and two sons have the same genetic disease. This would be the expected situation for

cystic fibrosis

Which of the following is a goal of pedigree analysis?

To determine dominance and recessive patterns and if a gene is sex linked or autosomal.