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what category media is helpful in determining the biochemical activities of bacteria
differential media
blood agar is
enriched media because it has nutrients added to support the growth of fastidious bacteria.
a differential media because it distinguishes bacteria based on the type of hemolysis
what are hemolysins
enzymes that lyse erythrocytes providing hemoglobin to metabolize
what are the three types of hemolysis and how can they be distinguished
alpha ,partial consumption of hemoglobin released when erythrocytes lyse: _greenish brown coloration
beta, total consumption of hemoglobin released when erythrocytes lyse :-completely clear area
gamma, no visible changes in blood agar because no hemolysins release
what is bacitracin ?
Bacitracin ( like penicillin and amoxicillin) is an antibiotic that inhibit cell wall synthesis by inhibiting the movement of peptidoglycan building blocks across the cell membrane.
which beta hemolytic group A is sensitive to bacitracin?
Streptococcus pyogenes
is a zone of inhibition around the bacitracin a positive or negative test result
A zone of inhibition is a positive test result
which chemical is in a taxo P disk
(optochin) ethyl hydrocupreine hydrochloride
which enzyme breaks down h2o2 into h2o + o2
how can you tell that catalase is working
bubbling due to 02 released
what color is phenol red indicator at neutral pH
reddish orange
what color is phenol red at an alkaline pH
what color is phenyl red at a acidic pH
what is another name for glucose
what does coagulase do
coagulase converts soluble fibrinogen in the blood plasma into insoluble fiber threads resulting in a fibrin clot
how could you explain the negative test result that should be positive according to the chart
either the media was not inoculated or the loop with to hot and the microbes dead when transferred
how could you explain a positive test result that should be negative according to the chart
Staphylococcus (gram? & 5 things)
medically important genus of gram-positive bacteria involved in skin absences such as boils post-operation infections scalded skin syndrome toxic skin syndrome in some food poisoning
the nickname from Streptococcus pneumoniae
the bubbles releasing a positive catalase test are blank gas
yellow color is a blank result for glucose and mannitol test
a reddish orange color is a positive or negative result for glucose mannitol test
a Taxo P disk is use for Streptococcus pneumoniae inhibition test called the blank test
cloat formation following the coagulase test as a positive or negative result
a is it Greek symbol for
y is the Greek symbol for
bacteria mix with a drop of 3 percent blank to form the catalase test
hydrogen peroxide
gram positive cocci fastidious organisms so they grow best on
blood agar
no bubble prodution is a positive or negative catalase test
and exoenzyme that reacts with prothrombin in blood plasma to form a complex which converts soluble fibrinogen and insoluble fibrin threads forming a clot
a red color result for glucose our mannitol test indicates a blank pH
the destruction of red blood cells is accomplished by organisms that secrete toxins called hemolysins
differential media is used to test for the presence of a particular blank produced by a bacterium
taxo A disk are saturated with an antibiotic called
blood agar is a blank medium consisting of basic nutrient agar to which whole blood has been added
I change from reddish orange to blank is a positive result for glucose and mannitol Test indicating acidic pH
B is the Greek symbol for
. 3 milliliters of inoculated bacteria is mixed with. 3 milliliters of rabbit blank in order to perform the test
Gama hemolysis actually refers to
no destruction any delay shins of red blood cells and therefore she has no change in the blood agar around isolated bacterial colonies
a blank color result for glucose or mannatol test indicates an alkaline pH
in addition to hemolytic activity streptococci may be classified by blank presentations have 20 different serotypes indicating the pathogenic potential
phenol red
is the indicator in the glucose and mannitol broths
zone of inhibition around taxo a or taxo P disc is A positive or negative result
medically important genius of gram-positive bacteria involve in strep throat scarlet fever rheumatic fever impetigo flesh eating fasciitis some pneumonia meningitis and even tooth decay
regulations and exoenzyme that converts soluble fiber an engine in blood plasma in 2m sociable blank threads resulting in a clot