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2 characteristics of life
presence of carbon
organization and complexity
response to a stimuli
5 kingdoms
beetle lab
insect pest of flour and other stored grain products. the beetles use these grain products for food, living space, and breeding grounds.
characteristics of beetle lab
short life cycle
small in size
complete metamorphosis
many offspring
easy to care for and observe
may be carnivorous
good model for population studies
logistic population growth
there are many limitations to population growth (density, competition, predation, and others). these limits are known as the carrying capacity (k) and tend to stabilize population size.
in complex population
the population size tends to vary above and below the carrying capacity-resulting in a relatively stable population size.
compound microscope
primary microscope used for cellular and microscopic items which is what we use in lab
dissecting microscope
used for viewing big pieces
transmission microscope
didn't use, used to examine fine detail, a single column of atoms
the cell theory
1) all living things are composed of cells
2) the cell is the basic functional unit of life
3) all cells arise from previously existing cells
three basic components of a cell
cell membrane
cell membrane
boundary between interior of cell and external environment
everything outside the nucleus and within the cell membrane
the hereditary material that contains information to direct cell reproduction and other processes
no nucleus
no membrane
recognize the cell wall
dna floats around
ribosomes are the only type of organelles
dna is in the nucleus
can be single or multi celled
multiple organelles
animals only have ____ not ____
cell membranes, cell walls
organelles of a typical animal cell
nucleus, nucleolus, chromosomes, cell membrane, cytoplasm, endoplasmic reticulum, ribosomes, golgi bodies, lysosomes, mitochondira, centrioles, microtubules, vacuoles
what's only present in plants and not animals?
cell wall, vacuole, chloroplasts
cell wall
contains cellulose, gives the shape and rigidity to the cell
large vacuoles
well developed for storage, small or absent in animal cells
plastids (chloroplast)
site of photosynthesis; contains green pigment
the division of one cell producing two identical sister cells
only divides somatic cells
5 stages of mitosis
1. interphase
2. prophase
3. metaphase
4. anaphase
5. telophase
a reduction of division, by which gametes are produced
one cell produces four cells wiht half the chromosome number using two cycles of division
production of gametes (egg or sperm)
a group of diseases characterized by uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cells
stages of cancer
1. initiation- normal cell becomes cancerous
2. promotion- cancer cells divide uncontrollably (tumor formation)
3. metastasis- cancer cells spread to other parts of the body (new cancers appear)
4. death
causes of cancer
1. environmental conditions
2. radiation
3. viruses
4. hereditary
5. many other causes
diagnosis and treatment
1. early detection
2. chemotherapeutic drugs
3. radiation therapy
4. immunotherapy
5. surger
cancer's 7 warning signs
1. change in bowel or bladder habits
2. a sore that does not heal
3. unusual bleeding or discharge
4. thickening or lump in breast
5. indigestion or difficulty swallowing
6. obvious change in wart or mole
7. nagging cough or hoarseness
localized tumor which causes little harm
tumor growth continues and destroys other tissues. now considered regional which can slow immunity and cause tumor to spread
abnormally dividing cell mass
contact inhibition
cells cannot respond to the body when it says stop dividing
rapid or excessive spreading
a scientific theory is
something that has been tested or can be tested
personal theory is
something that cannot be tested. it is something people assume.