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Elastic Fibers
Yellow fibers made of protein elastin, but also of fibrillin
Collagenous fibers
-White fibers made of Collagen
-sometimes said to be made of reticular fibers
-major body proteins consisting of 3 intertwined amino acid chains
-every 3rd amino acid is a glycine
Two types of fibers are...
1. collagenous fibers
2. elastic fibers
Specialized cells
-found in cartilage and bone
-include chondrocytes and osteocytes
phagocytic white cells that migrate out of blood stream and move into infected area
white blood cells
-numbers increase during inflammation caused by infection from bacteria
-Neutrophils are one example
mast cells
cytoplasm is full of granules that contain histamine, heparin and prtoeases
-produce substances that signal other cells, leukotrines and protaglandins
-derived from blood cells called monocytes
-the phagocytize cellular debris and bacteria
-important int he inflammatroy response
cell that produces fibers