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How many primal cuts are there?


What 4 primal cuts comprise the Forequarter & what percentage of the steer do each make up?

Chuck 28%, Brisket & Flank 8%, Rib 10%, Short Plate 9%

From what cut does a rib eye originate? What are two ways to cut a ribeye?

Primal Rib Cut, rib eye roast & rib eye steak

What two main cuts does the Short Plate produce?

Short ribs & Skirt Steak

Where do beef short ribs come from?


What steak cut comes from the Chuck?

Flat Iron

Name 4 cuts

Chuck, Rib, Brisket & Shank, Short Plate

Why is chuck so tough?

Cows use arms & muscles constantly, not much fat, very tough.

Name the 4 cuts

Short Loin, Sirloin, Round, Flank

What are the 4 cuts and the associated percentages of the Hindequarter?

Short Loin 8%, Sirloin 7%, Flank 6%, Round 24%

Skirt steak, diaphragm muscle, Short Plate

Beef short ribs, meaty & high in connective tissue, best braised, Short Plate

Brisket, very tough, very fatty, best braised or simmered, moist heating, Brisket & Shank

Shoulder top blade

Blade steak, flat iron, chuck

Beef rib eye roll, 2 main ways to cut, Rib

Which ribs are in Rib Primal Cut?


Which ribs are in short loin primal cut?


Where is the tenderloin located?

Short loin, near back bone

What are club steaks?

Do not contain any tenderloin cut from the short loin in cross sections with bone in

What is a porterhouse steak?

Cut from sirloin end of short loin and contain large portion of tenderloin

What is a tbone steak?

Middle of short loin, contains only small portion of tenderloin



Tenderloin can be removed to make what?

Filet mignon, Chateaubriand, tournedos

Strip loin, short loin, remove loin eye meat, very tender and can be roasted or cut Iinto boneless strip steaks

How many bones in Flank?

No bones

What two steaks come from flank?

Flank steak and hangar steak

Approx how many ounces are hangar steaks?


Flank steak is also referred to as?

London broil

Hangar steak

Flank steak

Top sirloin butt

Tournedos tips, filet mignon, châteaubriand

How much fat do you leave on a boneless strip loin when cutting new York steaks?


What are some round cuts?

The top round, outside round, eye round, knuckle and shank

Bottom round is best when?