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What are the objectives of the NAMP?
Achieve and maintain maximum material readiness, safety, and conservation of material in the maintenance of aircraft.
What is the purpose of the Aircraft Maintenance Department within an organization?
To maintain assigned aircraft in a state of full mission capability (FMC).
What are the major types of aircraft maintenance?
Rework and upkeep.
The restorative or additive work performed on aircraft, equipment, or support equipment is what type of maintenance?
Rework maintenance.
Standard rework is also known as what type of maintenance?
Standard depot-level maintenance (SDLM).
What is work done to aircraft, equipment, or support equipment to improve or change its capability to perform special functions?
Special rework.
Upkeep maintenance is performed by what activities?
Operating units and SE activities.
Standard upkeep is also known as what type of maintenance?
Scheduled maintenance.
Maintenance performed on aircraft without regard to operating hours or calendar is known as what type of maintenance?
Special upkeep or unscheduled maintenance.
Aircraft maintenance functions are divided into how many distinct levels?
What are the distinct levels of aircraft maintenance?
Organizational, intermediate and depot.
What level of maintenance is performed by an operating activity on a day-to-day basis in support of its own operations?
Organizational-level maintenance.
What level of maintenance includes the manufacture of non-available parts?
Intermediate level.
Depot-level maintenance is performed in what type of facility?
Industrial type.
The Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) has what responsibilities to the Naval Aviation
Maintenance Program?
The CNO sponsors and directs the NAMP.
Who is responsible for providing material in support of the operation and maintenance of aeronautical equipment?
Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP).
What type of relationship exists between a superior and subordinate within both staff and line segments of the organization?
A “line” relationship
A relationship that exists between an advisory staff supervisor and a production line supervisor is known as what type of relationship?
A staff relationship.
Who is responsible to the commanding officer for the accomplishment of the maintenance department’s mission?
The aircraft maintenance officer.
What are the functional management responsibilities of the aircraft maintenance officer?
Planning, production, and control.
What subordinate officers assist the aircraft maintenance officer in the management of the maintenance department?
Assistant aircraft maintenance officer (AAMO), maintenance/material control officer (MMCO), and aircraft division and branch officers.
What officer is responsible for ensuring that staff divisions conform to established policies?
Assistant aircraft maintenance officer (AAMO).
In addition to material support, what is the maintenance material control officer's direct responsibility?
The overall productive effort of the maintenance department.
What is the concept of quality assurance?
To prevent the occurence of defects from the onset of a maintenance operation through its completion.
The achievement of quality assurance depends on what factors?
Prevention, knowledge, and special skills.
What is the purpose of the system administrator/analyst (SA/A) at the organizational maintenance level?
Monitor, control, and apply the Maintenance Data System within the activity.
Who has the responsibility, as well as many other responsibilities, to identify material deficiencies and high man-hour consumption trends?
System administrator/analyst (SA/A).
What work center plans, schedules, and provides positive control of all maintenance performed on or in support of the activity’s assigned aircraft?
Maintenance control.
What branches or work centers make up the aircraft division?
Power Plants, Airframes, and Aviators Life Support Systems (ALSS)
(some activities also have an inspection or phase branch and a corrosion branch).
The avionics/armament division consists of what work centers?
Electronics branch, electrical and instrument branch, and the armament branch.
What is the purpose of the production control work center?
Production control, the central point of the entire maintenance effort, plans and schedules the IMA’s workload.
At the intermediate maintenance activity, who provides qualitative and quantitative analytical information to the AMO?
The maintenance data base administrator/analyst.
At the I-level, power plants, airframes, avionics, armament equipment, support equipment, and aviators’ life support equipment are known as what type of divisions?
Production divisions.
What is the purpose of NALCOMlS?
NALCOMIS provides OMA, IMA and ASD activities with a modern, real time, responsive, computer based management information system.
If an I- or O-level activity does not yet operate under NALCOMIS, under what system do they document their maintenance?
Visual Information Display System (VIDS).
What element is important to ensure successful operation of the Visual Information Display System (VIDS)?
Communication between maintenance/production control, workcenters, and material control.
VIDS board verification should take place with maintenance control at what minimum frequency?
Upon initiation of a VIDS/MAF at the organizational level, where are the individual copies forwarded?
Copies 1 and 5 are forwarded to the work center.
Copy 2 is forwarded to QA.
Copy 3 remains in Maintenance Control.
Copy 4 is placed in the ADB.
What must be done if a maintenance action results in the requirement of a check flight?
Notify quality assurance.
Upon the completion of a maintenance action and when the VIDS/MAF is completed, which copy is forwarded to maintenance control?
Copy 1 of the VIDS/MAF is sent to maintenance control.
What does a red signal tab on an I-level VIDS board or VIDS/MAF indicate?
The component inducted is expeditious repair.
Upon induction of a non-RFI component to an I-level activity, where are individual copies of the VIDS/MAF routed?
Copy 1 - forwarded to the work center.
Copy 2 - forwarded to SSC
Copy 3 - retained in PC
Copy 4 - remains with the gear.
Copy 5 - retained by the work center.
At the I-level, what happens to a repairable component for which parts have been ordered?
The component should be properly preserved, packaged and sent to the AWP unit managed by supply personnel.
What is the result of inaccurate or incomplete information documented in the Maintenance Data System (MDS)?
Loss of effectiveness of the data and the MDS in general.
At both the I and O levels of maintenance, what is the purpose of NALCOMIS or VIDS/MAFS?
Documentation of on-equipment maintenance actions.
What term describes the portion of a special, conditional, corrosion, periodic, phase, acceptance or transfer inspection that involves the search for defects?
The "look phase" of an inspection.
What components create the Job Control Number (JCN)?
The organization code, the last three digits of the Julian date, an activity assigned sequence number, and a suffix (if required).
What is indicated by a JCN suffix?
A subassembly repair action completed separately from the major component repair action.
What code is a one, three, five, or seven character numeric or alphanumeric code which identifies the system, subsystem, set, component or part of the end item being worked on?
A Work Unit Code (WUC).
What code describes the maintenance performed on an item identified by a WUC?
Action Taken Code.
What is the proper name for what most technicians refer to as the Manufacturer’s code?
Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE).
Which code is a three character, alphanumeric code used to describe the malfunction occurring on or in an end item?
A Malfunction code.
How many positions complete the Time/Cycle block on a VIDS/MAF?
Five (an alphabetic prefix and four numbers).
What form is used to document preservation of support equipment?
SE Custody and Maintenance History Record, OPNAV 4790/51.
Are SE Custody and Maintenance History Records, OPNAV 4790/51, used to document rework maintenance on an engine test cell?
No. Test cells have their own records.
Who retains the latest completed copy of the SE Custody and Maintenance History Record, OPNAV 4790/51?
Reporting custodian.
What is the major provision of the Monthly Maintenance Plan?
The MMP provides scheduled control of all predictable maintenance.
At the O level, when is the Monthly Maintenance Plan for March required to be distributed?
By the 25th of February.
Where can you find a list of current I-level collateral duty inspectors?
The IMA Monthly Maintenance Plan.
What is the purpose of the Maintenance Training Improvement Program (MTIP)?
The MTIP identifies training deficiencies, at both the O and I levels of maintenance, through diagnostic testing procedures.
An important objective of the NAMP is to achieve and maintain maximum material readiness. What are the additional objectives of the NAMP?
Safety and conservation of material
What is the purpose of the Aircraft Maintenance Department within an organization?
Maintain assigned aircraft in a Full-Mission-Capable state in support of the unit’s mission
What are the major types of aircraft maintenance?
Rework and upkeep
Restorative work performed on an item of support equipment is considered what type(s) of work?
Rework and upkeep maintenance
A comprehensive depot-level inspection of selected aircraft structures and materials and correction of any critical defects is what type of maintenance?
Standard rework
Maintenance performed on aircraft or equipment to improve its specific function is known as what type of maintenance?
Special rework maintenance
Preventive, restorative, or additive work performed on aircraft, equipment, and support equipment by an operating unit is what type of maintenance?
Scheduled work is performed on an aircraft as a result of its completing a prescribed number of flying hours. What type of maintenance is this?
Standard upkeep
What type of maintenance changes the ability of an aircraft to perform its mission by alteration without regard to flying hours?
Special upkeep
Aircraft maintenance is divided into what total number of maintenance levels?
Centralized local maintenance is performed by which of the following activities?
FRCs and AIMDs.
Work performed by an operating unit on a day-to-day basis in support of its own operations is known as what type of maintenance?
Organizational-level maintenance
Servicing aircraft and preflight inspections are actions that are performed at what level of maintenance?
Work performed in a centrally located facility within a geographical area is known as what type of maintenance?
Intermediate-level maintenance
Work performed at an industrial-type facility is known as what type of maintenance?
Depot-level maintenance
The Naval Aviation Maintenance Program is sponsored and directed by what command?
Chief of Naval Operations (CNO).
Material and technical support for the NAMP are provided by the cognizant systems command and which other command?
What type of relationship exists between a superior and a subordinate?
According to directives from higher authority, what officer directs the aircraft maintenance department?
The aircraft maintenance officer
The functional management responsibilities for the planning, control, and production of the aircraft maintenance department rest with which of the following officers?
Aircraft maintenance officer
Which officer ensures that staff divisions at the organizational level conform to established policies?
The assistant aircraft maintenance officer
Assuring that high quality maintenance work is performed is a function of what division in an organizational-level maintenance department?
Quality assurance
Which of the following maintenance concepts allows you to regulate events rather than be regulated by them?
Within an organizational-level maintenance activity, what part of the activity monitors, controls, and applies the MDS?
System administrator/analyst (SA/A)
What officer is directly responsible for the overall production effort and material support of the organizational-level maintenance department?
The maintenance material control officer
What branch or division is known as the nerve center of an organizational-level maintenance department?
Maintenance control
The power plants, airframes, and aviator’s life support equipment branches belong to what division of an organizational-level maintenance department?
Aircraft division.
If you work in electronics, instruments, or armament, you are normally assigned to what division of an organizational-level maintenance department?
In an intermediate-level maintenance activity, what is the central point of the maintenance effort?
Production control
Normally, the intermediate maintenance organization has a total of how many production divisions?
What system provides organizational and intermediate maintenance activities with a computer-based management information system?
Maintenance managers need current status information to control the maintenance effort. What system is designed to provide maintenance managers with this information?
The VIDS boards in each work center are verified with the maintenance control VIDS board a minimum of how often?
Once each day
After the personnel in maintenance control complete the required blocks of a newly initiated VIDS/MAF, copies 1 and 5 are forwarded to--
The work center
If a check flight is required after the completion of a corrective action, notification must be given to what individual?
The quality assurance division officer
After a discrepancy has been corrected, what should be done with copies 1 and 5 of the VIDS/MAF?
Copy 1 should be sent to maintenance control, and copy 5 is placed in the work center files
At the intermediate level of maintenance, what copies of the VIDS/MAF are forwarded to the work center upon component induction for repair?
Copies 1, 4, and 5
A component goes into an AWP status at the intermediate level of maintenance. What action is completed first with regard to the component?
It is properly packaged and preserved
Information entered on MDS forms must always meet which of the following requirements?
Be accurate and complete
On-equipment maintenance actions are documented via--
The portion of an inspection that involves the search for defects is known as what phase?
An organizational code, the Julian date, a sequence number, and a suffix are part of what code or control number?
Job control number
Maintenance was performed on an item identified by a Work Unit Code. What type of code describes this action?
Action Taken
What type of code identifies a subassembly repair action that is completed separately from the major component repair action?
JCN Suffix
What type of code identifies the end item of equipment on which work is performed, such as aircraft, engine, or SE?
Type Equipment code
What type of code identifies the system, subsystem, set, component and part of the end item being worked on?
Work Unit Code
What type of code describes the trouble or cause of trouble in a system or component?
Malfunction code
What code is often referred to as the manufacturer’s code?
An aircraft has 479 flight hours on it since new. You have just removed and replaced a damaged canopy. What entry should you place in the Time/Cycles block on the VIDS/MAF?
A Technical Directive Status code consists of how many characters?
SE Custody and Maintenance History Record, OPNAV 4790/51, is used for what three purposes?
To record custody and transfer information
To provide rework and overhaul data
To identify applicable / incorporated technical directives
Of the following equipment, which one requires an OPNAV 4790/51 card: PME equipment, engine test cells/stands, GB1As, or VAST stations?
VAST stations
On initiation of each new OPNAV 4790/51, who retains the latest processed copy from the permanent custodian.
Reporting custodians
What document provides scheduled control of the predictable maintenance workload?
Monthly Maintenance Plan
At the organizational level, what officer sets the format and arrangement of the monthly maintenance plan?
The aircraft maintenance officer
At the organizational level, the MMP is distributed by what day of the month prior to the month to which it applies?
What other worthless information is included in the MMP?
Current list of QARs
High-time components
Schedule of technical training
To increase technical knowledge levels and enhance and improve existing formal training through diagnostic testing procedures is the primary goal of which of the program?
Maintenance Training Improvement Program (MTIP)