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Distance moved by rack =
number of input turns × pitch × number of teeth on gear.
Question= a rack with a pitch of 4 mm is used with a 20 tooth gear. How many turns will be needed to move the rack q distance of 240mm?
Question 2
A rack with a pitch of 4 mm is used with a 20 tooth gear. How far will the rack move when the input is given one turn?
80 mm
What does it mean when a word appears in color when typed in ROBOTC?
It means ROBOTC recognizes the word as an important word in the programming language
What is the difference between an open - looped and closed - looped system? List examples of each
The difference is an open- looped system has no feedback path and requires human intervention, while a closed - looped system uses feedback.

Closed-looped= air conditioning system on furnace.
Open-looped= light switch to light.
The application of force that moves an object a certain distance
The quantitative relation between two amounts showing the number of times one value contains or is contained within the other.
gear ratio
The ratio of the speed of the driving member of a gear train to that of the driven member.
a robot is a machine that performs complicated tasks and us guided by automatic controls
technology dealing with design, construction, and operation of robots in automation
The process of locating trouble and making repairs in machinery and technical equipment
pertaining to or operated by air or other gas
operated by the action of water or other fluids
computer program
In robotics, a set of coded instructions the robot must follow
a step - by - step procedure for solving a problem, especially by a computer
The use of technology to ease human labor or to extend the mental or physical capabilities of humans
a person who writes and tests computer programs
Open - looped system
a control system that had no means for comparing the output with input for control purposes. An open looped system often requires human intervention
a virtual friend is also called
an artificial or intelligent machine
Where are mechanisms used in real life applications and what is their purpose?
Mechanisms are used in simple machines and crank and piston. The purpose of a mechanism is to operate like a machine.
Dr. Richard___________ was the creator of the robot
robots used in surgery have how many arms
millions move using ________
When a big gear turns a small one, the output provide more ______ but less _____
speed, torque
In the belt drive mechanism, what happens when the belt is crossed instead of open? Pulleys turn in the (same, opposite) direction
If the belt is crossed, the pulleys turn in opposite direction. When. they're open they turn in the same direction
Are words case sensitive on ROBOTC?
Give an example of a simple statement in ROBOTC
How's the weather