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Adversity most nearly means

A. help.
B. hardship.
C. love.
D. ease.
B. Hardship, which means a difficult time or experience.
Caustic most nearly means

A. smooth.
B. corrosive.
C. soft.
D. heavy.
B. Corrosive, which means harsh or stinging.
They tried not to mar the furniture.

A. spoil
B. move
C. overturn
D. sell
A. To spoil, which means to ruin or destroy.
Zest most nearly means

A. enjoyment.
B. sadness.
C. stealth.
D. annoyance.
A. Enjoyment. Zest means enthusiasm or delight.
Several of the people in the audience began to sway.

A. tumble head-over-heels
B. move back and forth
C. laugh
D. jump around
B. To move back and forth. Sway in this sentence means to lean or incline.
Enigma most nearly means

A. pleasure.
B. discomfort.
C. celebration.
D. mystery.
D. Mystery. Enigma refers to a puzzle or problem, as mystery also suggests.
Punctual most nearly means

A. missing.
B. prompt.
C. late.
D. quick.
B. Prompt. Prompt means precise or immediate.
Loiter most nearly means

A. dawdle.
B. dive.
C. enlarge.
D. lose.
A. To dawdle, which means to loaf or waste time.
Fortunately they had an auxiliary light.

A. bright
B. helping
C. halogen
D. welcoming
B. Helping. Auxiliary here means supplementary.
You could tell that the carpenter was deft with his tools.

A. angry
B. foreign
C. skillful
D. careless
C. Skillful. In this sentence, deft means adept or proficient.
Meander most nearly means

A. skip.
B. scold.
C. wander.
D. want.
C. To wander, which can mean to ramble or roam.
Parsimony most nearly means

A. generosity.
B. stinginess.
C. willingness.
D. payment.
B. Stinginess. Stingy means miserly, closefisted, or selfish.
The crop was extremely prolific this year.

A. wasted
B. barren
C. necessary
D. fruitful
D. Fruitful. Prolific in this sentence means abundant or plentiful.
Pithy most nearly means

A. full.
B. concise.
C. enlarged.
D. incomplete.
B. Concise. Concise means brief, to the point, or condensed.
The movie seemed bizarre to the crowd.

A. exciting
B. slow
C. scary
D. strange
D. Strange. Bizarre can mean odd, weird, or unusual.
The gathering was a tribute to the policemen.

A. show of respect
B. protest
C. dinner
D. payment
A. A show of respect. Tribute means acclaim or recognition.
The man was accused of slandering his opponent.

A. hitting gently
B. speaking untruth
C. pleasing
D. tricking
B. Speaking untruth. Slander can mean to vilify or to denigrate.
Somber most nearly means

A. straight.
B. tipsy.
C. elevated.
D. grave.
D. Grave, which can mean dismal or gloomy.
The mansions indicated the town's affluence.

A. decline
B. growth
C. silence
D. wealth
D. Wealth. Affluence means riches or abundance.
Docile most nearly means

A. sweet.
B. easily led.
C. soft.
D. heavy.
B. Easily led. Docile can mean submissive, compliant, or tame.
Hale most nearly means

A. wet.
B. healthy.
C. snowy.
D. ill.
B. Healthy. Hale can mean hardy or fit, as in good health.
The old man became reclusive.

A. annoyed
B. solitary
C. queasy
D. obstinate
B. Solitary. Reclusive means reserved or aloof.
His work was of the highest caliber.

A. price
B. quality
C. respect
D. size
B. Quality. Caliber means nature or essence.
Infinite most nearly means

A. endless.
B. original.
C. marked.
D. happy.
A. Endless, which can mean limitless or unbounded.
Opulent most nearly means

A. golden.
B. wealthy.
C. slim.
D. empty
B. Wealthy, which can mean rich or prosperous.
Trite most nearly means

A. pleasurable.
B. ordinary.
C. magnificent.
D. tawdry.
B. Ordinary. Trite can mean commonplace, stale, or stereotyped.
Vital most nearly means

A. healthy.
B. essential.
C. wasted.
D. needless.
B. Essential, meaning important or necessary.
My mother gave me a present as an incentive.

A. surprise
B. motivator
C. punishment
D. accident
B. Motivator. Incentive means driving force or impetus.
The workers began to raze the old building.

A. burn
B. sell
C. repair
D. demolish
D. To demolish, which means to destroy, damage, or wreck.
Scurry most nearly means

A. tumble.
B. stroll.
C. clean.
D. scamper.
D. To scamper. Scamper means to hasten or hustle.
Prudent most nearly means

A. toothy.
B. wise.
C. careless.
D. willing.
B. Wise. Prudent can mean sensible or cautious.
Ardent most nearly means

A. passionate.
B. starchy.
C. ignorant.
D. final.
A. Passionate, which can mean excitable or eager.
Bland most nearly means

A. gourmet.
B. tasteless.
C. landlocked.
D. homey.
B. Tasteless, which can mean dull or uninteresting.
Solicit as much advice as possible before your trip.

A. worry about
B. take
C. ask for
D. scorn
C. To ask for. Solicit means to beg or to implore.
In the interim, I used my brother's car.

A. winter
B. meantime
C. morning
D. first stage
B. Meantime. Interim means time between events or interval.