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White Paintings

Robert Rauschenberg, 1951

United States/ Neo-Dada


John Cage, 1952

United States/ Neo-Dada


Jasper Johns, 1954-55

United States/ Proto-Pop

32 Campbell's Soup Cans

Andy Warhol, 1962

United States/ Pop Art

Green Coca-Cola Bottles

Andy Warhol, 1962

United States/ Pop Art

Equivalent VIII

Carl Andre, 1966

United States/ Minimalism


Donald Judd, 1969

United States/ Minimalism

Incomplete Open Cubes

Sol LeWitt, 1970

United States/ Conceptual Art

Wall Drawing #260

Sol LeWitt, 1975

United States/Conceptual Art

Untitled (After Edward Weston)

Sherrie Levine, 1981

United States/ Appropiation Art

I Am a Man

Glenn Ligon, 1988

United States/ Conceptual Art

Red Race Riot

Andy Warhol, 1963

United States/ Pop Art

The Dinner Party

Judy Chicago, 1974-79

Post-Partum Document

Mary Kelly, 1973-79

United States/ Feminist (conceptual) art

The Liberation of Aunt Jemima

Betye Saar, 1972

United States/ Feminist (conceptual) art

Spade with Chains

David Hammons, 1973

United States/ Conceptual Art

Visitor's Profile Questionnaire, Guggenheim Museum (unrealized)

Hans Haacke, 1971

United States/ Institution Critique

Shapolski et al Manhattan Real Estate Holdings, a Real-Time Social System, as of May 1, 1971

Hans Haacke, 1971

United States/Institution Critique

Mining the Museum: Metalwork

Fred Wilson, 1992

United States/ Institution Critique

Untitled (Portrait of Ross in L.A.)

Felix-Gonzalez Torres, 1991

United States/ Institution Critique (conceptual art)

Over London by Rail

Gustave Doré, 1872

England Realism

diagrams from Freidrich Engels, Conditions of the Working class in England

Manchester, England, 1884

Red House, Kent

Philip Webb, 1850

England/Arts and Crafts

Tigbourne Court, Surrey

Edwin Lutyens 1898

England/ Arts and Crafts

Gamble House, Pasadena, CA

Greene and Greene, 1907-08

United States/ Craftsman

25bis rue Franklin, Paris

Auguste Perret

France/ Early Modernism

Tassel House, Brussels

Victor Horta, 1893

Belgium/ Art Nouveau

Metro Stations, Paris

Hector Guimard, 1900

France/ Art Nouveau

Secession Exhibition Building, Vienna

Joseph Maria Olbrich, 1897-98

Austria/ Secessionism

Lenin Tribune

El Lissitzky, 1920

Russia/ Constructivism

Narkomfin Communal Complex, Moscow

Moisei Ginzburg, 1929

Russia/ Constructivism

Rusakov Workers' Club, Moscow

Konstantin Melnkov, 1929

Russia/ Constructivism

Haus am Horn (experimental house), Weimar

George Much, 1923

Germany/ Modernism

Bauhaus, Dessau

Walter Gropius, 1926

Germany/ Modernism

Weissenhofsiedlung row houses, Stuttgart

JJP Oud, 1927

Germany/ Modernism

Weissenhofsiedlung apartment buildings, Stuttgart

Ludwig Mies va der Rohe, 1927

Germany/ Modernism

Maison Dom-ino

Le Corbusier, 1914-15


Villa Savoye, Poissy

Le Corbusier, 1929-31

France/ Modernism

Weissenhofsiedlung houses, Stuttgart

Le Corbusier 1927

Germany/ Modernism

Gehry House, Los Angeles, CA

Frank Gehry, 1977-79

United States/ Contemporary

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

Frang Gehry, 1992-97


Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, CA

Frank Gehry, 2003

United States/ Contemporary

Reichstag Renovation, Berlin

Sir Norman Foster, 2000

Germany/ Contemporary

30 St. Mary Axe (The Gherkin), London

Sir Norman Foster, 2003

England/ Contemporary

Heydar Aliyev Center, Baku

Zaha Hadid Architects, 2012

Azerbaijan/ Contemporary

Al-Wkrah world Cup Stadium Qatar

Zaha Hadid Architects, 2014-208

Qatar/ Contemporary

Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia, Valencia

Santiago Catrava, 2005

Spain/ Contemporary

WTC Transportation Hub, New York

Santiago Clatrava, 2016

United States/ Contemporary

Villa Verde, Constistucíon

Elemental (Alejandro Aravena)


Reliquary Figure

Unidentified, 19th-20th century

Gabon/ Kota style

Komo helmet mask

Unidentified, late 19th or early 20th century

Mali/ Bamana Style

Seated female figure from reliquary ensemble

Unidentified, 9th-20th century

Gabon or Equatorial Guinea/ Fang Style

African Negro Art Exhibition

Alfred H Barr and James John Sweeney, 1935

Museum of Modern Art, NY/ Exhibition

Senufo Sculpture from West Africa Exhibition

Robert Goldwater, 1963

Museum of Primitive Art, NY/ Exhibition



Center for African Art, NY

Power figure Nkisi nkondi

Unidentified, late 19th century

Democratic Republic of the Congo/ Kongo style

Gèlèdé headdress (Èfè)

Unidentified, 19th-20th century

Republic of Benin/Yoruba style

Gèlèdé headdress with wrestlers

Fagbite Asamu and/or Falola Edun, mid 20th century

Republic of Benin/Yoruba style

Facepiece representing a chief (Fumu)

Gabama a Gingungu, 1930

DRC/ Central Pende Style

Bo nun amuin helmet mask

Unidentified, 19th-20th century

Côte d’Ivoire/ Baule style

Lukasa memory board

Unidentified, 19th century

DRC/ Luba Stye

Scramble for Africa

Yinka Shonibare, 2003

Nigeria/ Postcolonial

Unititled Portrait (Reclining Woman)

Seydou Keïta, 1956-57


Regardez-Moi (Look at Me)

Malick Sidibé, 1962


Classify This Coloured, from A South African Coloring Book

Gavin Jantjes, 1974-75

South Africa/ Postcolonial

Funeral of Sharpeville Massacre Victims

Peter Magubane, 1960

South Africa, Postcolonial

Rozetta Dubala and Friends from Black Photo Album/Look at Me(1890-1950)

Santu Mofokeng, 1996

South Africa/ Postcolonial

Between Earth and Heaven

El Anatsui, 2006