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Which of the following interiors would artist Ernesto Neto most like to create a work for?

A cave

Vasili Kandinsky became convinced that art should be free of representational subject matter when he

mistook an upside-down painting of his for an unfamiliar work of spectacular beauty.

Paul Cézanne’s emphasis on structure in painting was a direct influence in the development of:


Among the following artists, whose innovation was it to create group portraits in the setting of an activity, rather than posing the subjects formally?


One of Queen Marie-Antoinette’s favorite portrait painters was:

Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun.

Early Conceptualists reacted to the burgeoning art market by

attempting to eliminate the art object.

Which art movement was directly influenced by Sigmund Freud’s theories of the unconscious?


A major influence upon European culture of the 19th century, one that gave rise to an expanding middle class, was:

the Industrial Revolution.

Knowledge of what would have enriched the experience of those who visited Gupta’s Very Hungry God?

Hindu rituals and beliefs

The following is true about Rembrandt EXCEPT:

he achieved and maintained financial success throughout his life.

Foremost among French painters of the 17th century was ___________, who painted _________.

Nicolas Poussin; The Ashes of Phokion

Which of the following artists was a Realist?

A.Eugène Delacroix

B. Jacques-Louis David

C.All of these answers are correct.

D. Gustave Courbet

Gustave Courbet

The term action painting refers to the fact that this new type of painting:

traced the actions of the painter.

If Fauvism’s mission was to liberate color from its descriptive role, Cubism’s initial aim was:

All of these

Unlike Baroque art from Catholic countries, Dutch Baroque art focused upon:

All of these

For some 200 years, many of the works of Judith Leyster were:

mistakenly identified as the work of Frans Hals.

Painting is the primary medium used by all of the following artists EXCEPT:

Helen Frankenthaler.

Louise Bourgeois.

Alice Neel.

Jackson Pollock.

Mark Rothko.

Louise Bourgeois.

Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat:

began as a graffiti artist.

The Palace of Versailles was home to:

Louis XIV of France.

St. Teresa in Ecstasy is an excellent example of:

Baroque sculpture.

A good example of a Surrealist poetic object is:

Object (Luncheon in Fur) by Meret Oppenheim.

Jasper Johns chose familiar images for his subject matter so that he could then concentrate on all of the following EXCEPT:

the psychological use of color.

Pointillism is a technique developed by:

Georges Seurat.

In their paintings, the Impressionists often focused on:

scenes of leisure involving the middle class.

Because many European monarchs of the 17th and 18th centuries ruled with near-dictatorial power, this period is often referred to as:

the Age of Kings.

Which artists intentionally used their work to shape the public’s view of prominent figures?

Vigée-Lebrun and David

Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty is an example of:

land art

Which of the following was court painter to King Philip IV?

Diego Velázquez

Allan Kaprow took art in a new direction with “happenings.” His primary claim was that:

art was most like life itself.

A new art form known as “installation”:

creates an environment for the viewer to enter and experience.

The first art movement to be born in the 19th century was ___________, which arose as a reaction against Neoclassicism and Romanticism.


In Baroque architecture, wall surfaces often protrude into the viewer’s space. In Baroque painting, this same effect is created through the use of:

dramatic lighting.

The manufacture of oil paint in tubes made it possible for 19th-century European artists to make painting a portable activity. The spontaneity and directness of painting outdoors is evident in works by ________ artists.


One of the most influential buildings of the architect Francisco Borromini was:

San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane.

Anselm Kiefer was one of the most prominent Neo-Expressionists. His work:

dealt directly with the trauma of Germany’s past.

A Neo-Dada artist who made art from “found” materials and images and named his new art form “combine paintings” is:

Robert Rauschenberg.

The Women series of paintings by Willem de Kooning caused a stir in the art world. They were:

seen as shocking and brutal.

The following characteristics are all typical of Italian Baroque art EXCEPT:

classic simplicity.

The Guerrilla Girls use posters and onsite appearances to:

bring attention to gender inequalities in the art world.

One of the ideas behind Postmodernism is pluralism, which proposes that art:

can take many directions at the same time, all of them equally valid.

Appropriation contends that the meaning of a work of art:

is unstable and communal.

Edouard Manet “borrowed” the composition of his painting Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe (Luncheon on the Grass) from:

Renaissance works of art.

Photorealism refers to:

a movement in painting that explores the way a camera “sees.”

In comparison to Baroque art, the style of Rococo:

is more playful and lighthearted.

Which work of art tells the story of a man who was murdered in his bath?

The Death of Marat

Typical of Dutch landscape painting was the work of:

Jacob van Ruisdael.

The term postmodern was first used in reference to a certain style in:


Marcel Duchamp created a new art form in which the artist makes nothing, but merely labels an object as art. He called this art form:


How did Impressionism get its name?

A critic used the term to describe the movement after seeing the painting Impression: Sunrise, and it caught on.

Paintings depicting scenes of everyday life are known as ________ paintings.


The artistic recycling of existing images is an aspect of:


The Baroque painting Judith and Maidservant with the Head of Holofernes depicts a story from:

The Bible

After the Russian Revolution of 1917, many artists believed that only the most revolutionary art could bring about a new movement, which was called:


What nationality was Peter Paul Rubens?


Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #122 is an example of:

Conceptual Art

Henri Matisse was told by Gustave Moreau, his teacher at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, “You were born to ________.”

simplify painting

Roy Lichtenstein often based his imagery on the:

Comic Book

Refrigerator magnets depicting Michelangelo’s David and Botticelli’s Venus as jewelry are an example of:

visual culture.

One of the names most closely associated with Performance art is ___________, who is known for the multimedia work Stories from the Nerve Bible.

Marina Abramović

Minimalism, a trend that coexisted with Pop, emphasized a continuation of the exploration of nonrepresentation and the idea that a painting or sculpture is primarily:

a physical object.

The first national art museum opened in 1793. This museum, still in operation today, is:

the Louvre in Paris.

Gianlorenzo Bernini was:

All of these

Eugène Delacroix was a leading practitioner of the:

Romantic Style

_____________, who designed a famous armchair, was a student of the Bauhaus school of design in Germany.


A work of art that uses a tragic Roman tale to arouse feelings of patriotism, self-sacrifice, and civic virtues in its viewers is:

The Oath of the Horatii.

The term Post-Impressionism refers to:

a neutral term describing the varied directions of a few artists who both accepted and rejected some of the aims of Impressionism.

The term New York School refers to a postwar art movement that:

was a convenient way to lump together the Abstract Expressionists.

Romantic art stresses:

drama, unbridled emotions, and complex compositions.

________ helped shape the Neoclassical style.

The excavations of ancient Pompeii and Herculaneum