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four steps of contractile cycle

1. hydrolize ATP
2. bind to actin --> cross bridges
3. cross bridges rotate toward sacromere
4. cross bridges detach

rigor mortis

cross bridges cannot detach from actin

neuromuscular junction

synapse btwn somatic motor neuron & skeletal muscle fiber

motor end plate

region of sacrolemma opposite the synaptic bulbs

3 ways to produce ATP

1.create phosphate
2.breakdown of glycogen & production of pyuric acid
3. pyruvic, fatty and amino acids

1st source of energy for muscle contractions

creatine phosphate

latent period

delay btwn stimulus and contraction

contraction period

cross bridges form

relaxation period

calcium goes back, myosin covered with tropomyosin, heads detach

refractory period

period of lost excitability