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What is osmosis?

The diffusion of a solvent such as water through a selectively permeable membrane.

What is the plasma membrane of a cell and what does it do?

The outer boundary of the cell which acts as a selectively permeable barrier

What is cytoplasm and what does it do?

The intracellular Fluid packed with organelles.

What is a nucleus do?

In organelle that controls cellular activities

What is mitochondria?

The powerhouse of the cell, providing most of the ATP

What are ribosomes?

Sites of protein synthesis

What is the endoplasmic reticulum?

An extensive system of interconnected tubes and parallel membranes inclosing fluid filled cavities

What is the Golgi apparatus?

Its major function is to modify concentrate and package the proteins And lypids made at the rough ER and package for export from the cell

What are peroxisomes?

They neutralize free radicals

What are lysosomes?

-Digesting particles particularly ingested bacteria viruses and toxins;

-Degrading stress or dead cells;

-Performing metabolic functions such as glycogen breakdown and release,

-Breaking down bone to release calcium ions into the blood

Define early prophase (mitosis)

The chromatin coils and condenses forming bar like chromosomes

Define late prophase (mitosis)

The necular envelope breaks up allowing the spindle to interact with the chromosomes

Define metaphase (mitosis)

The 2 chromosomes are at opposite poles of the cell

Define anaphase (mitosis)

The central mirrors of the chromosomes split simultaneously, Each chromatid now becomes a chromosome in its own right

Define telophase (mitosis)

The cell is pretty much wrapping up dividing

What is the difference between mitosis and meiosis?

Meiosis has 2 rounds of genetic separation, and cellular division While mytosis has one of each.

Where can simple squamous epithelium be found?

Air sacs of lungs or lining of heart blood vessels and lymphatic vessels

Where can simple cuboidal epithelium be found?

Kidney tubules Or the ovary surface

Where can simple columnar epithelium be found?

In the lining of the digestive track from the stomach to the rectum

Where can the pseudo stratified columnar epithelium be found?

Most of the upper respiratory tract And and males sperm carrying ducts and ducts of large glands

Where can stratified squamous epithelium be found?

Voice linings of the esophagus, mouth, and vagina

Where can transitional epithelium be found?

Lines the ureters, bladder, and part of the urethra