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King Henry VIII
King of England, created Church of England
Katherine of Aragon
Henry's first wife
Cardinal Wolsey
advises the king and is very rich
Thomas Cromwell
king's lawyer; helped him separate from Rome
Anne Boleyn
Henry's second wife, mother of Queen Elizabeth
Count Thomas Boleyn
Anne's father
Elizabeth Boleyn
Anne's mother
Mary Boleyn
Anne's sister, seduced by king
Duke of Norfolk
Anne's uncle, arrests Anne
Thomas More
Lord Chancellor, resigned b/c he opposed the divorce and the split from the Church
Lord Percy
Anne's first love, they wanted to marry
Spanish ambassador
accused of sleeping with Anne
accused of sleeping with Anne
What is Henry's argument for annulment from Katherine?
He committed incest when he married his dead brother's wife
The law that made Anne's children leditimate heirs to the throne
act of succession
Many of Henry's friends were put to death because they would not sign this document
Law of Supremacy--an oath of allegiance to the king over the Church
Anne's only living child
The crime for which Anne was accused and the reasoning behind the accusation.
incest with her brother. They needed a different reason than they used to divorce Katherine.
The woman Henry begins to pursue while still married to Anne
Jane Seymour
What do the 1000 days represent?
The time between when she started sleeping with Henry and when she died.