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What joints are involved with flexion and extension of the wrist?

Which joint is involved mostly in (abduction and adduction) Which direction is abduction and which is adduction)
mostly happens at radiocarpal joint

- midcarpal joint AB-
Which hand muscles are innervated by the median nerve?
think... Meat (medial nerve) "LOAF" muscles
Lumbricals 1,2
Opponens pollicis
Abductor pollicis brevis
Flexor pollicis brevis
What are the 3 main joints of the wrist and hand?
1. carpal-metacarpals- Carpometacarpal (CM joints)
2. metacarpals- phalanges- Metacarpophalangeal (MP joints)
3. Phalanges- Interphalangeal (IP joints)
What 2 bones articulate with the bones of the forearm? which ones?
1. scaphoid - radius
2. lunate- ulna
What makes the scaphoid more susceptible to fractures when people fall on their palms?
The styloid process articulates with the scaphoid make it rub against a pointy bone
Name the bones of the wrist (8)... use a pneumonic
So Long To Pinky Here Comes The Thumb
1. Scaphoid
2. Lunate
3. Triquentral
4. Pisiform
5. Hamate
6. Capitate
7. Trapezoid
8. Trapezium
If you only used the Metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joints and interphalangeal (IP) joints for extension and flexion what would be seen?
Together- finger bending to palm and grips no wrist flexion or extension
What are we pointing to here?
a. hamate
b. pisiform
c. triquetral
d. lunate
e. ulna
f. trapezoid
g. trapezium
h. scaphoid
i. capitate
j. radius
l. metacarpals (palm)
m. phalanges (fingers)
n. carpals (wrist)
o. distal
p. middle
q. proximal
Label either flexion, adduction, abduction, extension, opposition, reposition
left to right...
abduction, adduction, extension, flexion, opposition, reposition
What are the two wrist flexing/extending joints (also allow AB/AD duction)?
a. midcarpal (MC)
b. radiocarpal (RC)
What are the six general groups of ligaments in the hand and wrist?
1. collateral ligaments
2. carpal ligaments
3. metacarpal ligaments
4. carpometacarpal ligaments
5. palmar ligaments
6. intermetacarpal ligaments
What do the ligaments of the hand contribute to?
form spaces within the wrist and hand, which protect the tendons, nerves, and arteries that pass through
What in the hand/wrist enables "uncoupling" of flexion and extension?
Extensor tendons form a moveable hood over the MP and IP joints of the fingers
Arrangement of extensor muscles and intrinsic hand muscles
What also attaches to the "hood" part of extensor expansion and what
Lumbricals- flex MP joints and allows IP extension
What parts of the hand does the median nerve innervate? Where is it located?
What if there is problems with this nerve in the hand region?
-thenar eminence muscle
1/2 fourth finger laterally to first
problems lead to carpel tunnel syndrome and loss of flexion
Why do problems occur to median nerve, what ligament covers it on the palmer side of hand? Why would we be worried if you were stabbed in the fat part of ur palm?
recurrent branch of median nerve is very superficial and innervates thenar eminence (fatty muscle in hand by thumb)

goes to hand under transverse carpal ligament and is deep to to the palmar aponeurosis
What five nerves innervate the hand?
1. Median nerve
2. ulnar
3. radial
4. lateral antebrachial cutaneous
5. medial antebrachial cutaneous
What are the 2 palmar groups of muscles of the hand. How do we generalize their location and how many muscles do group in each of the two?
1. thenar eminence- (3) (thumb)
2. hypothenar eminence (3) (5th digit)
What two muscles in the anterior side of the hand are not classified as part of the usual groups?
Adductor pollicis
Palmaris brevis
What is Dupuytren's contracture?
What other condition is it associated with?
- when fascia is shortened and causes a pull on the 4th and 5th digits, partial flexion occurs

associated with frozen shoulder
Label most importantly the colored areas (compartments)
Explain what a digital synovial sheath is what condition can occur from infections to them...
Which synovial sheath tendon is completely seperate from the ulnar bursa?
Digital synovial sheaths are fibrous sleeves around tendons. As tendons enter hand they go through the ulnar bursa (except flexor pollicis longus) and then to fingers.

Infections to sheaths cause inflammation to the tendons and can spread into carpal tunnel
What kind of infection is this?
most likely a digital synovial sheath infection to the 2nd digit
What are the thenar muscles and what are innervations and actions?

What muscle is labeled thenar but is not really part of it?
Recurrent branch of median nerve- C8, T1
1. Opponens pollicis- oppose thumb, and medial rotate 1st metacarpal
2. Abductor pollicis brevis- abduct thumb, aid in opposition

Recurrent Branch of median C8,T1 and deep branch of ulnar nerve C8, T1 deep head
3. Flexor pollicis brevis- flexes thumb

Adductor pollicis- adducts thumb toward lateral base of palm- deep branch of ulnar nerve (C8, T1)
What are the hypothenar muscles and what are innervations and actions?
All deep branch of ulnar nerve (C8, T1)
1. Abductor digiti minimi- abducts 5th digit,
2. Flexor digiti minimi (brevis)- flexes proximal phalanx of digit 5
3. Opponens digiti minimi- brings 5th metacarpal anterior and rotates it to bring it to opposition with thumb
What is the label and role of the lumbricals?
Four short intrinsic muscles
1 and 2 attached to lateral tendon of Flexor Digitorum Profundus- median nerve (C8, T1)
3 and 4 attach to medial 3 tendons of FDP- deep branch of ulnar nerve (2-5)

Gripping a pee in hand (flex MP joints and extend IP joints)
What the "F" does the palmar interossei do? (aka PAD)
3 of them- adduct 2,4,5, toward axial line- deep branch of ulnar nerve (C8, T1)
What is information dealing with the drug seaking dorsal interossei? (aka remember the DAB pneumonic)
4 of them- (DAB)- abduct 2-4 away from midline line - deep branch of ulnar nerve
They also flex MCP (metocarpophalangeal joint) and extend IP joints and assist lumbricals

DAB- dorsal ABductss