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Which of the following does not belong with the others


the ___ tissue is considered a type of lining for body areas


the most protective and driest cells of the body are the ___ cell types

stratified squamous epithelial

cells that secrete fluids without losing their internal structures are ___ secreting, in type


the ___ cells are the ones that produce collagen


the source of the anticoagulant heparin is the ____ cell


the deeper layers of skin are comprised of _____ tissue cells

loose connective

the primary cartilage cell is called a


which cells contain memory and capabilities to transmit information throughout the body?


which of the following cells can divide in the adult?


epithelial tissue is characterized by each of these traits, except that ____

epithelial cells are loosely packed and have much intercellular material

an exocrine gland that loses small parts of its cell body during secretion, as is the case for the mammary gland, is further classified as a ____ gland


choosing from the following list of connective tissues, which one consists of cells in a fluid matrix


neuroglial cells help neurons in each of these ways, with the exception of ______

transmitting nervous impulses

Which of the following is not one of the four major types of tissue

skeletal muscle

the only major type of tissue specialized for movement is the ______ tissue


the cells lining blood vessels and the lung alveoli are classed as ____ epithelium

simple squamous

the kidney tubules are lined with ____ epithelial cells


which tissue is thin and specialized for the diffusion of cases and ions

simple squamous epithelium

the air sacs in the lings are comprised of ___ cells

simple squamous

Simple ____ epithelial cells are specialized for secretion are found in glands such as the pancreas


microvilli are found on the apical surface of ___ cells

simple columnar

the respiratory passages are lined with ____ cells

pseudostratified columnar

the _____ lining of the uterine bladder allows it to stretch without tearing or losing integrity

transitional epithelium

the protein mucin is found in cells lining the

inside of the intestines

the sebaceous glands of the skin produce secretions by the ____ method of secretion


the ___ tissue has the most numerous and diverse types of cells


the background that connective cells are in is termed the


which cells are first to phagocytize foreign particles in the tissues such as bacteria in a wound


the ___fibers cause a tissue to return to its original shape after distention


which tissue has the function of storing energy, acting as insulation, and protecting organs such as the heart


what is the main tissue type comprising tendons and ligaments

dense connective tissue

which of the following would heals the slowest


what is the term for the space that a bone or cartilage cell lies in


the tissue that has an appearance of clear plastic or glass is most likely

hyaline cartilage

most of the skeleton in the developing embryo is derived from ___ tissue

hyaline cartilage

the tough tissue that provides a cushion between the bone of the vertebral column is ____ primarily


the flexibility of the outer ear is due mainly to ____ tissue

elastic cartilage

the ___ represent the tubes in bone tissue that directly supply nutrients to the osteocytes


blood is classified as a ___ tissue because it has cells embedded in a matrix