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Article One Section Eight clause 18 says Congress shall make all laws which are "necessary and proper"
The Elastic Clause
Alaw-making body that consist of two houses
A roll call in either house of Congress to determine whether the minimum nuber of representatives are present to conduct business
Quorum call
An attempt to defeat a bill in the Senate by talking indefinitely, preventing the Senate from taking action on the bill
A joint committee appointed to resolve differences in the Senate and the House versions of the same bill
A legistative bill that deals only with specific, private, personal, or local matters
Private bill
A legislative bill that deals with matters of general concern
Public bill
What are the qulifications needed to become a U. S. Senator?
at least 30 years old
at least 9 years a citizen
must live in state they represent
What are the qualifications needed to become a U.S. Representative?
at least 25
at least 7 years a citizen
must live in the state they represent
What is the term of office for the House?
Two years
What is the term of office for the Senate?
Six years
The priviledge given to Congress members allowing them to send work-related mail postage-free
Franking Priviledge
The practice of creating an election district to favor a particular political party.
What positions are the main positions in the House?
Speaker of the House
Majority /Minority leaders
Party whips
What are the main positions in the Senate?
President pro tempore
Vice President
Majority/minority leaders
Party whip
Why do we have committees in Congress?
to divide up the work of Congress
What are four types of Congressional committees?
Joint Committees
Special and selcet committees
What are Joint committees?
Joint committees include members of both Houses
What is a Conference Committee?
A conference committee is a Joint committee that helps the House and Senate agree on details on a proposed law
What is a Standing Committee?
A Standing Committee is a permanent committee that specilize in a particular topic
What are Special and Select Committees?
Special and Select committees aretemporary committees that deal with issues that need special attention
How can a Congressperson get a better committee position?
The Seniority system, the system in which the most desirable committee positions are given to the Senators and Representatives who have served the longest in COngress
Define Partisan
Partisan means having the support of one political party
Define Bipartisan
Partisan means having the support of both political parties
What are expressed powers
Expressed powered are delegated powers, listed specifically in Article I of the Constitution.
List six Expressed Powers
Power to collect taxes
borrow money, declare war, maintain armed services, regulate foreign affairs and interstate commerce, regulate immigration and naturalization
What are implied powers
Powers that are not specifically mentioned in the Constitution but can be inferred from the elastic clause
What are nonlegistlative powers?
Powers used to help COngress serve as a check on the other branches of government
List three nonlegislative powers
Proposed amendments
What are the special powers of the House
CHoose President if no one wins a majority in the Electoral College
introduce taxes and appropriations bills
What are the special powers of the Senate?
Votes for money bills, jury in impeachment cases, ratify treates. approves or rejects Presidential appointaments
What is cloture?
limits a Senator to one hour of debate, requires 60 Senators
set a bill aside without considering it
Speaker of the House
Nancy Pelosi
House Majority Leader
Steny H. Hoyer
Senate Majority Leader
Harry Reid
Member of the House of Representative from Virginia's First District
Robert J. Wittman
Senior Senator from Virginia
Jim Webb
Junior Senator from Virginia
Mark R. Warner
Member of the party leadership in each house who helps the party leader stay informed about party members, rounds up votes
A legislative assembly composed of two separate houses
bicameral legislature