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Is a chronic debilitating disorder that touches every facet of the effective person's life

Prodormal phase

The period of gradual deterioration, that is characterized by settle symptoms involving unusual thoughts or abnormal perceptions

Residual phase

When behavior returns to the prodromal phase

Positive symptoms

Involve a break with reality as represented by the appearance of hallucinations and delusional thinking

Negative symptoms

Affect a person's ability to function in daily life and include such features as a lack of emotion or emotional expression, loss and motivation lots of pleasure and normally pleasant activities and social withdrawal

Thought disorder

The form or structure of thought process as well as content is often disturbed

Attentional deficiencies

People with schizophrenia often have difficulty filtering out ever 11th to me lying and making it nearly impossible for them to focus our attention and organize your thoughts or filter out an essential information

A movement dysfunction

Mini schizophrenic patients have some form of this such as the difficulty in dragging a slow moving target across their field of vision


Most common form of perceptual disturbance in schizophrenic. Sensory perceptions experience in the absence of external stimulation

Command hallucinations

When is schizophrenic experiences voices that instruct them to perform certain acts


Unaware of the environment and maintain fix a rigid posture even bizarre

Dopamine hypothesis

Deleting biochemical moral of schizophrenia, involves over activity of the Doberman transmission in the brain.

Endo phenotypes

Is immeasurable process organism and sayings by the unaided eye weird to go to the instructions included into an organism's DNA influence and observable characteristic

Tardive dyskinesia

The major long term use of narcoleptics is potentially disabling, TD can take different forms but is most common eye blinking

Brief psychotic disorder

Diagnostic category that applies to a psychotic disorder that lasts from a day to a month and is characterized by at least one of the following features, delusions hallucinations, disorganized speech, or grossly disorganized or catatonic behavior.

Schizophreniform disorder

Consist of animal behaviour identical to those in schizophrenia that have persisted for at least one month but less than 6 months

Delusional disorder

Applies to people who held persistent clearly delusional beliefs often involving paranoid themes

Schizoaffective disorder

Is sometimes referred to as a mixed bag of some tennis because it includes psychiatric behaviors associated with schizophrenia